Google being the biggest, most used search engine in the world determines the overall direction of the field of Search Engine Optimization. Only few months back, Google made every SEO expert on the planet sit up and take notice as it announced some changes in its algorithm to determine page rankings in its Search Engine Result Page’s (SERP).

Search Engine Optimization
One of the changed areas was Link building way. Google mainly uses keywords used in the anchor text of links to determine the niche of a linked page. Google stated that its time to move forward and the new algorithms introduced like Penguin update in which they check the authenticity of links. To be more particular, Google is just rolling back the way through which they can check the popularity of any given website. Google says that it often re-architects or turns off parts of their scoring in order to keep the system maintainable, clean and understandable.

Although many different types of signals are used by Google in algorithms like Panda update etc, but the thing is that links are still used to measure the quality of any website and its performance. Google algorithm changes in 2012 have targeted poor quality links that were used by the non professionals. These back-links are not working anymore and one should only concentrate on quality content.

This logical but sudden change has made many website owners upset and worried about the future of their blogs and they are now almost uncertain of what will happen in future. But SEO Company India is capable of handling the situation for them. Make sure whether a link pointing towards your blog is good enough to direct traffic towards your website. If you can earn profit by being linked with another site, then getting that link will be worthwhile for your website and your business. If it is useful to the normal visitors of your website, it also makes sense to Google. Links that pay for themselves by directing targeted traffic will also have a positive contribution to the Google rankings of your site. For the best solution, you must come to SEO Company.

The announcement from Google is quite vague as there is no clear indication about their methods. No one can be certain what the new Google backlink evaluation algorithm like Penguin effect stands for and it is safe to say that for a considerable time in the future, new theories will emerge and unless more information is collected and the effects of this change are very clearly observed, none of them will be established. However it is likely that some of the not so good SEO companies may misguide website owners during this time of confusion. You need a truly skilled and experienced SEO expert.

Only then the backlinks of you site will remain solid. Right now, almost everyone knows about the new algorithm as much as you do. So there is no need to get too much worried about the ranking of you site. For now it is really all just speculation and theories based on Google’s announcement. However, if your website is in the hands of Best SEO Company, your backlinks are secure and useful as ever.