FREE Norton Antivirus 2013 With 2 Months License Key – Norton one of the top antivirus companies of this world has announced its new Antivirus software for 2013 with better security features and benefits. Also they are providing 2 months free license keys to the readers of Internet Khazana. If you are the regular reader of our blog than you may have already grab the free key via promotion of Norton Antivirus 2012 free product keys. Normally they provide only 30 days trail but thanks to the Mr. Marsh from Norton Symantec Corporation for providing us the 2 months trial.

norton antivirus 2013

FREE Norton Antivirus 2013 With 2 Months PRODUCT KEY Download

In order to Download the FREE Norton Antivirus 2013 With 2 Months PRODUCT KEY just click on the button below and it will give you the Download URL. Copy that URL and enter it into the new window and hit enter. It will start downloading the file immediately. After software download completes install it and enjoy full 2 months protection. You don’t need to activate it.

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Norton Antivirus 2013 Features

Norton Protection System – As we all know that they have the advanced protection system which let you enjoy your PC experience without any fear. You can surf, watch movies, listen to songs and download software without any fear because you can now say goodbye to viruses, malwares, Trojans horses, spywares and even hackers.

SONAR Behavioral Protection – I don’t know how many of you know that only your windows browser interacts with the outside world when you connect your system with internet your internet browser sends queries to other computer in order to connect with them. When they answer to the quire it should have been flagged otherwise anyone can see this and use this command.

Threat-removal Layer – Sometimes hackers break into your system via some legal ways like they can ask you for a file to download or send you an email with some redirect code. Now you should be aware of this and only use authentic software’s like Norton to protect your laptop.


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Always up-to-date Product Version – When you buy any software product it always up-to date according to that time but what if you are still using the older version than surly some new viruses will came into the market and you don’t know about them. Norton uses the special updated mechanism to update its core files automatically when you are online so you don’t need to update it manually.

Bandwidth Management – Many times we use mobile broad band internet which is of-course not unlimited. So if you install a software which automatically updates itself than it may eat your monthly bandwidth so that why Norton introduces this feature in order to save your bandwidth.

Vulnerability Protection – Some time your system core files are not secured and any one can access these files. So you need a write protect software in order to protect these files. Cybercriminals often use these security loop holes in your computer in order to hack it so that’s why Norton uses vulnerability protection feature to ensure that each and every file of your windows in updated and secure.

5 patented layers – You will not find this feature in other antivirus products because its the new clod technology used by Norton only. Five layers when merge together creates a special line of defense around your computer which is nearly impossible to break. Each and every data packet is scanned and checked by the software layers to ensure maximum protection.

Download Norton Antivirus 2013 With 2 Months built-in subscription

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • Processor: at-least 500 Mhz but 1Ghz is recommended
  • Ram: 256MB Ram but 512MB is recommended
  • Hard-disk space: 300MB
  • Optical Media: CD-ROM or DVD drive