Download Norton 360 2013 With 3 Months Free PRODUCT KEY – Norton products are used to be the most quality security products in the world and that’s why Norton internet security 2013 serial key and state of the art Norton Antivirus 2013 free license keys are also offered from time to time to the customers. By using these products one can totally secure its system fro viruses, hackers, Trojans horses and cyber criminals. This time they add the firewall option too in the product so that all the ingoing and outgoing traffic can also be monitored. Also cloud technology makes it easy to manage things for these software’s.

Norton 360 version 2013

How to get Norton 360 2013 With 3 Months Free PRODUCT KEY

As you may already know that Norton has just released the new version of its amazing antivirus software and that’s why they are giving away the 90 days free license keys to new and existing customers. The promotion is damn simple, all you need to do is to download the software from any one of the link given below and install the software without any serial key. After you install the software activate it via your email and that’s it. You don’t need to provide any thing special here.

These versions are fully compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows 8 which means you can enjoy the full protection on your new PC.

Previous Norton 360 Promotions

Amazingly the previous Norton 360 version 5 Promotions are still working and you can also get the Norton 360 version 5 free product keys about any problem.

Norton 360 Version 5.0 and Norton AntiVirus 2012 Fully Functional 60 days Trial

Norton 360 2013 Features

As I said earlier Norton is now using cloud technology for almost all its products and that’s why its nearly impossible to beat its products quality. In cloud technology all the user computers are connected via a special network so that when one computer got infected by some virus or Trojan horse than it will end notification to the Norton network so that they can protect other systems in the network.

Defense is the only main method which can protect your laptop for a long time from hackers and cyber-criminals. That’s why they are using the four defense layers to protect your laptop from unseen threats. These layers when combine together creates a first line of defense against hackers so that they will not be able to see your computer files and important folders.

Its not important that your antivirus software eliminates the viruses after your system got effected. The real thing is that your software thinks ahead from online threats and that’s why Norton uses the SONAR Behavioral Protection system which is specially designed to block the new emerging threats. They can detect the viruses by identifying the behavior of the files which run in your system memory at the file execution time.

Download Norton Internet security 2012 OEM Installer

Facebook over the years gain more popularity than any other social network on internet and that’s’ why hackers also target it in order to achieve their goals. They do this by spreading the viruses with the help of your Facebook timeline status and when ever your friend reads your status and try to follow the link than his or her computer can be instantly effected by this virus. So that’s why they are using the ultimate security protection in this version in order to stop hackers by spreading fake status updates via your Facebook account.


Norton 360 version 2013 screenshot

What if hackers hack your computer and deleted all your important data, files, folders, bank information, credit card and excel files than you will finished and can solve all your money via this way. So its better thinking to backup all your data to the external hard-drive or on a cloud storage space. That is where this company takes lead and gives you extra edge over all the other antivirus software’s.

Lot’s of time people say that Norton internet security software tends to slow down their computers and that is where they feel very annoying. Changing the windows default registry is not a good option and that is where almost all software programs you install in your system do wrong. They often changing the important windows registry keys like add a special link to the start-up program file which is them used to run the program when your windows start.

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Parents are always worry about their children what they are doing on the internet and often children disappoint them by wasting time playing network games online. So its almost necessary for parents to look at their children’s what they are doing online and how to stop them by using illegal services. Parental control often don’t work because they will not be able to stop the online threats so its important that your antivirus should have built-in parental control feature in it.

Norton also invents some thing new which is nearly are necessary as other features. It’s Anti-phishing Technology makes it easy for your windows operating system to differentiate between packets that are requested by you and that are sent by hackers. Often cyber-criminals use phishing emails to you so that you can fall into their traps and lost money to them. They try to use the same name and email address which makes the things even more difficult for you.