Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 FREE DOWNLOAD with 4 Months Serial Key – When it comes to protecting your system from viruses mainly people prefer Kaspersky or Norton security products. Quick Heal is a new security company which promised to do so the same high quality security products but in a very low price. Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 free license keys will be able to activate your software so that you can use in on your PC without any interruption. So its a good thing to try out this software before buying it because its a new product and you will surly like to test it for at-least 3 months or so.

Quick Heal Internet Security 2013

How to get Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 free license keys

Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 is normally available in $40 dollars for a full one year but as its a new software so Quick Heal is giving away 4 months trial software to the readers of our blog only. All you have to do is to download the software from the link mention below and install it. This is a special link for our blog audience only.

  • Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 Download Link – 32 bit
  • Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 Download Link – 64 bit

Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 Features

One of the best features of any free product key of Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 activation code software is that it has not only antivirus built-in into it but also contains Anti-spyware, Anti-malware and Anti-Rootkit which helps you protect your system easily and more efficiently. These all in one software help reduce the amount of time it needs to detect the security threats and hence more efficiency. All these software packages may be heavy for your system but at the end of the day it will benefit you and helps you to identify the threats within no time.

It’s DNAScan Technology is the core architecture of this software which acts like a main source of detection layer. When ever some one tries to break your system defense layer this layer will send the signal to the main server of the Quick Heal located at the main headquarter. This server deals with the hackers externally and response to them externally so that they cannot understand whom they are communicating at the time. This technology is so effective that all other major antivirus companies are going to adapt this soon in their new projects.

Now securing your system against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spywares and other malicious threats in not an easy thing to do infect its a full time job. In order to provide you the full functionality you need a full version of Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 free product key which enables you to protect your system with the most dangerous and threatening viruses on earth.

Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 screenshot

The new feature available to you now is known as isolating your internet browser to security risks which totally safeguard your system. The way it works looks interesting and effective because when ever some one tries to contact you from outside world it will send the signal to your internet browser and then it passes the signal to the windows system files. Now if you internet browser will be able to stop these requests than you don’t need to worry about your system because it will not be effected by any virus.

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If your antivirus is not going to suggest you safe URL than it a total waste of money for you. Browsing Protection feature let you browse safely and securely on internet because your windows files will not be able to in-front of the cyber criminals and hackers. This way when ever some one tries to send you a malicious code file it will be caught by the front line security guards. The outgoing data and in coming data is checked by and verified by the software with the help of flag entries.

1 Year product key free of Quick Heal Internet Security 2013

Quick Heal AntiPhishing feature is very well organized and well structured that it can capture almost all the latest Phishing sites in the world. Hackers tries to create the same site like we have Payza or any other web payment processors which are mainly used by customers to pay bill online. It automatically scans and check websites for fraudulent activity and if it founds some thing alarming than it will block this website based on your security settings.

Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 registration

If all the above mention software works independently without the help of Firewall Protection than its not going to help your cause. Dual Firewalls check each and every data packet that is travel through your computer Lan card and hence make sure that no illegal data is sent thought it. Firewall is the defense layer which is mostly use by all software companies to ensure maximum protection. It is not a physical layer but actually a software layer which processes all the data and filter it.

Parents will free happy after they buy this product because parental control feature help them to block the illegal sites as well as the bad site for their children’s. Kids don’t know which site is safe for them or not so its parents responsibility to make sure that kids only see safe content. Also kids often waste time on playing network games which hurt them alot and their studies.

Quick Heal will not let you alone after you buy a software from them. They are proving free 24/7 customer support to you for a full 1 year and that too on unconditional bases. If you want any sort of computer problem you can ask their support and they will help you get out of this problem. You just have to give permission to their staff member and he or she will take over with the help of remote desktop connection.

System Requirements:

  • All versions of Windows supported including 8
  • Intel Pentium 4 processor of  1.5 GHz
  • 1GB RAM.
  • Minimum 700 MB free hard-disk storage