Download Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2012 Full Version With Serial Key – Microsoft Windows operating system is the most used OS in the world but when it comes to reliability Apple OS consider to be the most reliable and safe. The problem is that windows is used by millions of people around the world and that’s why hackers target this operating system more. They constantly search for security loop holes into this OS and when ever they find one spread around this all over the world. So in order to run your windows smooth and clean so that it perform faster you need a third party software Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2012 free license keys.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer version9 2012

How to Get Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2012 Full Version With Serial Key

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 is a very expensive software and cost you around 50 dollars so if you want to test it than there are mainly two giveaway running at this time.

First Giveaway

Ashampoo is giving away full version of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2012 with activation code built into it to the readers of Internet Khazana. All you have to do is to download the software from the URL mention below, install it and activate it.

Second Giveaway

Ashampoo is also running a promotional campaign of free license key of Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2012 for its Facebook page fans only. Visit the promotion page mention below and click on Download button.

After your download finishes, install the software and choose English language in between the installation because the download package is in German language. After installation finishes it should ask for the software registration which is a must step. Just click on the “Request Full free version key” button or open this page, enter your email address and they will send you free key on your email address.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2012 serial key

Previous Giveaway

Fortunately Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2010 promotion is also working at this time so you can try that if some how the above mention giveaways are not working for you.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2012 Features:

When ever we first install windows in our new PC it runs like a cram and we feel that it will run like this all the time. But the problem is that when we instal programs and software in it they tend to change the windows registry files and often takes lots of free space. This way your system gets slow and perform very poorly over time. So to over come this problem you need WinOptimizer 2012 activation code which not only cleans your laptop from unnecessary files but also free up your computer space by deleting the extra files.

In order to maintain your system and perform to its highest level it needed to be defragment from time to time otherwise software program may spread files all over the hard-disk. Initially when we buy new PC it has lots of free hard-disk space which actually not a good sign at all. When we install new software it usually copy files all over the free space of hard-disk which actually is a very bad practice. Now when ever windows have to find all the files it has to look all the hard-disk plates for the data which consumes lots of time and effort.

De-fragmentation is a process in which Free Ashampoo Slideshow Studio 2010 actually collect all these scattered files into one place and give them the number to easily identify them. Some time files may be lost due to the bad sectors in hard-disk or lost of data so in this this software will add the additional flag entry with this data to complete it. Now when all the files will be collected in a single place it will be easy for windows operating system to find the desired data and hence save time.


Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 screenshot

Your computer is booting very slowly and some it crashes at the start-up than its time for you to worry about it. If all the things in your computer are correct than it should not take more than 30 seconds to boot so if it is taking too much time than it needed to be fixed soon. When ever we install new software in our laptop it changes lots of entries into the registry which actually causing the windows to misbehave. Now some times you may notice that extra entries are added into the start-up of the windows which actually causing it to boot slowly.

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Now one way to fast your computer boot time is to remove those entries from start-up. You can do this easily by entering the keyword “msconfig” into the run dialog box of your window and press enter. It will open up a new dialog box with some tabs in it. Click on Start-up tab and you will see lots of new and old entries. A good practice is to remove all the entries but you can choose from them and click on OK button to save the settings. Just restart your laptop and see the effect.

Lots of people think that its very difficult to customize windows user interface but its actually very easy. Just like every other person has unique and different life style of his or her home, they want different user interface, buttons and task-bar colors so that they feel comfortable. Ashampoo Photo Converter Free License Keys has also solved this problem for us and now has built-in PC tools software which let you customize your windows to the next level. Not only it will give you the functionality to change the look and feel of your OS but also it will remember the layout settings like the location of the icons on your desktop.

Your privacy is your first right and not many people know that Windows applications send error reports to their respective offices which is not a good thing to do. Windows often sends crash and error reports to Microsoft so that they can remove this error for next time. But you can just block all these reports and protect your privacy. Ashampoo products does this by disabling the error and crashing report feature which can be located in the windows device manager settings page. Also they will provide you 24/7 help support so that you will not feel alone after buying this software.