ESET Smart Security 5 Username and Password 2012 – If you want antivirus product which is proven and award winning than ESET Smart Security 5 free license keys is best choice for you. The problem is that almost 90% people use free antivirus in order to defend their computers against viruses, malwares, root-kits, spywares, hackers, cyber criminals and from Trojan horses. Now the question arises here that how on earth they protect your system from these evil things. The answer is very simple, they use state of the art firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware and Root-kit control programs to provide you unmatchable security.

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ESET Smart Security 5 license keys

ESET Smart Security 5

ESET Smart Security 5 Features

ESET Live GridFree license key of ESET Smart Security 5 will provide you safety and security you need. Its basically a live bulletin of all the computer connected in ESET network and hence when ever some computer got any sign of uncertainty it sends alarm signal to all the systems in this network. Now viruses that are know to human beings are no that dangerous as unknown viruses because its very difficult to block these online threats. All antivirus software’s create a centralized database in the main server so that when ever they use any kind of information they can use it.

Cloud-powered Reputation – It’s not fair that your security company provides you security against the average viruses, the real thing is that they not only detect but stop new emerging threats before they hit your computer. This can be done via cloud technology which has already proved its worth. Now interesting part is what is going on behind the scenes here, Cloud technology is basically a group of computers connected via a third party software’s to provide better security. When ever this group feels that some computer needs help they sends signals to that computer in order to rescue it.

Enhanced Media Control – Universal serial bus are the main cause of spreading dangerous viruses in any computer. We all know that USB are writable memory and when ever viruses try to save file on this drive they can easily do this. Viruses easily create and save an auto-run file in your USB when you insert it into any system. This file than reactivates the virus when ever you use this USB on any of your friends or family members system. Its very difficult to scan and remove this file so you need ESET Smart Security 5 Username serial key and ESET Nod32 antivirus 4 license keys which identify this file with the help of special code which also removes this file easily.

Smart Virus Detection – Have you ever receive guest on your home or office who are unknown to you and they act like they are very close friends of you. This situation is so ac-ward that some times you may not handle this situation. Same is the case in computer life where viruses are unknown guest to you but they act like they are very close friend to you. They often try to break into your laptop by introducing or injecting the SQL quires into your web browser. This is where internet browsers are so weak that they cannot differentiate between your request and unknown requests. They will fulfill all requests whether it come from inside or from outside world.


ESET Smart Security 5 screenshot

Intelligent Firewall – When you type any website address in your browser address bar it send the singles to the outside world so that it can locate the website for you. Now when these signals return they pass-on the information to your browser. The problem is that any one on internet can see your information and they can alter this information as well. This is very dangerous for you because these people can see your sensitive information like bank accounts, credit card numbers, username and passwords. So you need a software which encrypt these information for you in at-least 128 bit form so that no one can see your information online.

Improved Antispam Engine – Unfortunately internet world is full of spam and every where you see blog copying pasting stuff from other sites. Spam emails are another thing which hurts you specially if you are a small business owner. Some times you are waiting for someones important email but after some time you realize that you haven’t receive the email yet. You contact that person and he ask you that he sends you email long time ago. This is really ac-ward moment which destroy your business and trust. So ESET Smart Security 5 Username and Password 2016 will protect your system from these stupid spam emails.

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Advanced HIPS Functionality – Some times the default settings in any software will not solve your problem so you need to tweak those settings in order to solve your problem. Same is the case with free product keys of ESET Smart Security 5 which sometimes failed to stop online threats successfully. So you need to tweak the settings of all its features like create your own rules for the windows registry, active processes and programs run in your computer RAM, and fine-tune your windows security features.

Optimized Startup Procedure – If you are experiencing slow system startup and hangouts than its not your computer fault. Its actually the fault of software programs which you time to time install in your system. These software’s change the registry settings of windows startup file so that when every windows operating system starts it loads the file directly into random access memory. This is very bad thing and often slows down your system which results in crash too. ESET will totally eliminate all these unnecessary entries for you and makes your computer fast like it was when you first install the windows on it.