Download Free Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 with Serial key – Antivirus software have been a compulsory thing from quite a while and without it no computer can survive for a long time. Ever since windows operating system was invented by Microsoft back in late nineties no one can imagine that some day it will be impossible to live without internet security software. But after ruling the internet security world for a long time its time for a new emerging application that can change the world. Titanium Internet Security 2013 free license key is all in one security suite that you need.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013

How to Download Free Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 with Serial key

Trend Micro China is running a promotion in which they are giving away free license keys of Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 to every one. Just follow the simple steps mention below and grab your own personal unique key for free.

1. First of all visit the Trend micro Promotional page here.

2. The page is in Chinese language so you can use Google chrome or translation tool in order to read the page but we are also giving you screenshot so that you can easily follow the steps.

3. Just enter your name and email address in the top two text boxes and click on DANG KY” button as seen in image below.

trend micro chinese giveaway

4. When you submit the information it will display you congratulations message something like this.

trend micro chinese giveaway screen 3

5. Now sign-in into your email account and look for the mail sent to you by [email protected]. Just click on the link mention below and it will confirm your email address.

trend micro 2013 giveaway screen 2

6. After that it will open a new welcome page displaying the message shown below. Just forget it and open your email account again.

7. You should receive a new email from [email protected] carrying your unique serial key. Enjoy!

trend micro 2013 giveaway screen 4

Titanium Internet Security 2013 Features

Basically free product key of Titanium Internet Security 2013 is very expensive and normally costs you around 80 dollars. So it’s better to try it before even think about buying it. Now you may be thinking that will this be fully supported with your latest operating system Windows 8 than their is a good news for you. Price can also be reduce by applying special coupon code given to us by Trend micro company.

Credit has to be given to free license key of Titanium Internet Security 2011 which is fully packed with cloud based technology to stop all the new emerging threats that are normally invisible to your average free antivirus software. It send and receives information from main server located at main Heaton USA which is responsible of checking all the virus activity. Now what is happening behind the scenes is that they are creating a special database of these online threats so that when ever some system requires this they fully provide this information to the effected system.

You may have noticed that after time goes on the size of the antivirus software’s is increasing rapidly and which is not a good sign because we are not upgrading our system regularly so we might have very old computer in our home which may not support this heavy software. So credit has to be given to Titanium Internet Security 2013 activation code that the size of its executable file is half of the normal internet security software which is amazing improvement.

Trend micro have achieved this level of precision by introducing the file compression technology which automatically UN-compress it at the time of run-time. This way you need almost the half disk space and system memory to execute the files of this application. Its generally a case that if a application file size is less than it will consume less resources and hence your system will run faster.


Titanium Internet Security 2013 interface

When you first download and install the software from Trend Micro website you will feel the difference and love at first sight. The file size is very less and download speed is also good. When you double click on that file it will executes rapidly without any problem and the installation process will start. Now you don’t have to choose from very professionals options, just clicks three to four time and there you go. It will start installing the program and within few seconds your software will install into your computer.

After installation ended it will ask for to execute the program straight away, just click yes and it will load the application. Now keep in mind that its the very first time that this suite is running so it might take some time but don’t worry next time it will execute faster. Now you will see the beautiful and compact interface which has almost all the features and option on the main screen. Main screen will not only display various options but let you create different reports based on virus scan and database updates.

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I remember my old and irritating antivirus software which use to display error messages every now a than which really makes your life hard. Its not the purpose of installing these software programs on your computer that they display these messages to you in order to inform you. Their duty is to stop all these online threats so that you can enjoy computing. So if you want to work without any interruption than just enable the gamer mode of the Titanium Internet Security 2013 and it will not disturb you at all.

You may be worry about your children what they are doing online in your absence. Internet is a very cruel place where any one can harass your kids for doing unwanted things. On the other hand your your kids may also be involve in an illegal activities or they are just wasting their time by playing network games or watching movies. Don’t worry Trend Micro will not leave you behind and now you can keep an eye on your kids all the time with the help of parental control feature. Its not like a hidden cam but will give your information about the websites your children’s are visiting.