Choosing a domain name for your blog is not an easy task, especially when you are trying to follow all those tips and advices scattered everywhere on the internet. For example the domain name must be based on a highly searched keyword; it should be short, easy to remember, without hyphens, not too dreary, and all that. Needless to say, it can get really tiring to brainstorm and search for hours to find a domain that is in accordance to all of these recommendations and is still up for grab. But while many bloggers focus on all the dos of choosing a domain name, they pay little attention to the dont’s, and overlooking some of these dont’s can turn out to be a costly mistake.

Choosing a Domain Name For Your Blog
Following is a list of five things you must not do while choosing and registering a domain name for your blog.


These days I see a lot of Pakistani bloggers using brands and trademarks in their domains, especially those in the tech niche, and while most of them seem to be having no problems, you must avoid the intentional use of a brand or trademark in your domain. While not all business names or domains are not trademarks by default, especially if they are made of descriptive and not some distinctive words, but to be on safe side avoid using the popular brand or business names in your domain, even if it is a highly searched key phrase.


Technically, there’s nothing wrong in having a hyphen in your domain name, however, domain names with hyphens are not as trendy or memorable as those without hyphens. True that a big majority of your visitors will be coming from Google while the repeat visitors would be relying on bookmarks or recent history of their browsers, still a hyphen will make it less memorable and turn out to be a hindrance if you are looking to brand your website or blog.

Too lengthy:

Another desperate attempt that people make to induce some keywords in their domains is to go for lengthy domains. There’s no standard length of a domain name, but you must not go for a three or four worded domain. Having the exact keyword used to be a plus point but after the EMD penalty it can be a liability, plus spoiling your domain name just for the sake of a key phrase is surely not a good idea.

Getting freely registered with web host:

A big majority of web hosting companies offer free domain registration with hosting packages, however you should never register your blog as a free domain with the hosts like an hosting or yahoo small business web hosting services. But ideally, you should get your domain registered with a separate and reliable domain registrar, because you might have to change the host at some point of time and you might face some problems with domain transfer at that time.

Top Level Domain:

The internet is abuzz with the talk of new branded TLD’s ready to be introduced, but we can safely assume that no TLD will be as popular as the good old .com in the coming years. Again, all other Top level domains will work as smooth as .com as far as functionality is concerned, but the common user will take quite some time in getting familiar with any other TLDs and they take .com as default, so you must try to grab a domain name with the most popular TLD.