Happy holidays to all of our readers and I am sure that you are enjoying your holidays. Now a days people spend holidays most of the time with their friends and family members because they are all very busy rest if the year and they don’t want to miss this opportunity. Also most of the people spend time of social media networks and via smart phones so its a good idea to install some of the fun apps on your smartphone and happy new year 2013 wallpapers on your computer in case you are alone or feeling bore. To make your holiday season more enjoyable we have collected the 10 Fun Christmas Android Apps which will surly let you enjoy your vacation time.

1. Free Christmas List

Free Christmas List

2. Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas

3. Christmas’ Joy Ingredients

Christmas Joy Ingredients

4. Christmas Tree Maker

Christmas Tree Maker

5. PopOut! Night Before Christmas

PopOut! Night Before Christmas

6. Christmas Hymnal

Christmas Hymnal

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

8. Christmas Pho.To Frames

Christmas Pho.To Frames

9. Christmas Facts

Christmas Facts

10. Christmas Ringtones

Christmas Ringtones