Good news for Windows 7 users is that now you can download and install Internet Explorer 10 in your operating system and enjoy the sleek design, full screen browsing experience. It was not possible before yesterday Microsoft released the latest version for 7th generation of windows and I think that its a good move from them. As a blogger we want our sites to load perfectly in all browsers but unfortunately IE is the hated and outdated browser in the world specially its previous versions. But with 10th version it has built-in support of latest CSS3 and HTML5 support which means that all newly websites which was created in these languages can be supported on this browser as well.

microsoft internet explorer 10
IE 10 will be available in 95 languages and its the fastest ever browser compare to its previous versions. According to Microsoft they have increased the performance of JavaScript in this version along with algorithms which will eventually decrease the load on CPU and hence faster performance. So if you will use it in your laptop or on netbooks than your mobile device battery life will increase.

Some key points to keep in mind before download the IE 10 version is that it will only install on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 computers so if you are using the basic version than please first download the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 from the official Microsoft website and than install this upgrade. Also not all features of Windows 8 will be available to you like full screen browsing and interface will also be not the same.

Download Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7