If you are one of those who are still using the old and boring office 2010 than its time for you to shift to a whole new world with this new Microsoft Promotion which gives you free Office 365 90 days Keys and with bonus Free 20GB SkyDrive storage space. Now what else you want when you have a giveaway like this with no commitments and no credit card info. Just use your regular .Edu email address(Don’t worry if you don’t have any we will tell you how to create one below) and boom. Microsoft will send you an email with all the information including Free serial keys.

How to Get .Edu Domain Free

If you already own the .Edu email address than please skip this step and move to the final step otherwise carry on with the following steps.

1. First of all visit the Maricopa University site here and you will see bunch of options here. Just click on the 3rd option, make sure that you enter the correct Capatcha code in the text box below and than click on the next button.

2. When you will land on the next page it will ask you for typical united states information like SSN and US phone number etc. You can use this site Fakenamegenerator for US information.

3. After carefully filling the forms at the end of the 4th form when you click on the next button it will show you the MEID and Official Student ID number as shown below in the picture.

4. This is the trickiest part, you have to wait for atleast 20 minutes for your account activation before you can login into your Maricopa University account and get your Free .Edu email address. After 20 minutes just login with your info from this login page.

5. Now this is the dummy email address and when ever some one sends you email at this address you will actually receive it in your inbox of the email which you provided at the time of signup.

How to Get Microsoft Office 365 Free for 3 months

After you have your .Edu email address it really a piece of cake for you to get into this promotion. Just visit the Official Microsoft Promotion page here and enter you email address.

You will soon receive an email from Microsoft with all the information about the Free trial as well as the 20GB SkyDrive Storage space. That’s it enjoy all the benefits and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and like our Facebook fan page so that to inform for the latest upcoming updates.