The many, many, many phone companies, tablet creators and bigger tablet (e.g. Kindle) creators are fighting it out so competitively that soon enough.

The reality of social media

They will be able to make calls (remember those?), send texts, send emails, pay for goods, go online, store 12000 e-books, play any online game, find essay writing services, organize their lives, access any online app and make video calls, and all with a touch of the screen.

blog blogging
The big amalgamation of all these technologies is inevitable. Once we have this personal computer phone, that is the size of a squirrel’s eye, the phone and tablet companies are going to turn their attention to social media.

Thanks to the mammoth known as Facebook, the cause of 12 falling-out per minute nationally, social media has remained an online idea. People have to be sat at their computers to use it. Sure people can make and add messages to Facebook, or tweet with their phone, but to correctly loose hours of your life on social media, you need to be sat at a computer.

It is not yet known how phone and tablet manufacturers are going to get a hold of the social media and strangle the life out of it, but there are some inevitable future developments on the horizon.

Mobile Blogging via projectors

One way may be mobile Blogging via projectors. Portable holo-keyboards are already in existence. They work by projecting the image of a keyboard onto the surface it is laid upon (a table, desk, etc). The network of lasers then figures out which key you are pressing, as you type.

Add this to a mini screen projector, and you have a portable blogging PC. Find yourself a little bit of white wall or even the back of a cafe menu, and a flat surface and you can Blog on your phone or tablet device with consummate ease.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition is already a possibility with windows 7. Transferring this into a usable mobile phone function is not going to take a lot of work. The system is still primitive at the moment, but the more and more it is refined, then the more and more likely, it is going to appear on our mobile phone and tablet devices.

The translation from key typed blogging to mobile phone voice recognition is inevitable. The phone already has an inbuilt microphone. Therefore, voice recognition and learning blogging is pretty much inevitable, unless the scientists are already working on another big hit that will come out of left field.

Amalgamation of the social media

Amalgamation of the social media seems inevitable. It is the way of all business. The most popular, richest and powerful one buys up the smaller ones and either discards them or integrates their users and features into their program. This is called progress. It is how Wally the corner shop owner turns his business into Wall-Mart.

Do not be surprised to see amalgamated social media. Places where you can send a tweet and attach a Pinterest picture, then receive a tweet back in the form of a YouTube video, followed by a Linked-IN advert for the local fishmongers quiz.

Text is good, but does not appeal to everybody. It seems inevitable that social medias will merge so that the term blogging and resources will be broadened to any sort of communique sent on mass to people who follow you.

Advertising and Blogging

Finally, a little bit more bad news. Advertising is everywhere. You know it, I know it, and the poor know it. It has seeped into every corner of our lives. People are even starting Blogs just so they can have ad sense companies advertise on it.

Social media such as YouTube have started adding unavoidable adverts on their videos, and it seems inevitable that the same will happen with blogs. However, it is not going to happen where you think.

They are not going to make us watch adverts before we get to read the blog, even though some adverts have an automatic advert pop up that you have to click off before you read (those &*!$*&%$). They will get us through our RSS feeds.

When you click on the RSS feed to take you to the page where you can choose to read the newest blog, they will add in video adverts that are unavoidable. In short, it seems that they are even going to make the convenient RSS feed less convenient.