Introducing Norton Antivirus Basic activation code for year 2017. We distribute Norton AntiVirus Basic 2017 license key to all our blog readers who also comment below. Norton Protection System provides first time in the history of antivirus software’s four layers of protection so that all bad stuff will filter out before reaching your computer or laptop. Download Insight 2.0 tells you that the software you are going to download is safe or not. Norton Security Deluxe Safe Web will instantly activated when you go online for surfing and isolates your browser from your system.


Norton Management – Now need to worry about latest updates and viruses definitions because it will automatically do it for you.

Parental controls management – makes your children feel safe when they are online.

Network threat protection – whether you are on network or surfing individually it can alert you about viruses.

SONAR 4 Behavioral ProtectionNorton Security Standard 2017 key verifies your computer files and if found some thing abnormal then isolates your system quickly.

Norton Safe Web for Facebook – Facebook is the main source of spreading online viruses now a days and Norton has taken some quality steps to ensure that you and your children will remain safe.

Anti-phishing technology – It can alert you about fake websites and payment processing blogs so that you will never lose your money.

Smart two-way firewall – Two way firewall is handy when you are communicating with outside world. It ensures that only those requests are entered into your system which are generated by you only.

Vulnerability protection – One of the masterminds of internet use there brains negatively and often known as cyber-criminals. These are people which are very advanced and always in-front of antivirus companies.

Norton AntiVirus Basic 2017

Norton Identity Safe – Remembering unique passwords for all websites is very difficult but Norton never left behind its customers that why they introduce this feature for your convenience.

Bandwidth managementNorton Security Premium activation code is so smart that it can judge your internet connection and hence can save your bandwidth when you are on 3G network.

Norton Pulse Updates – The first software ever to update its core files in every 5 to 15 minutes.

Email and instant message monitoring – Not many people know that link also contains malicious code which can be injected into your system. Norton prevents your laptop by alarming you about the nature of the link.

Network mapping and monitoring – Easily see all users connected to your home network so that you can easily trace the unwanted guests.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool – Creating emergency CD/DVD/USB is never been easier than before. Now you can create this with just one click of a button.

Smart scheduler – Now your antivirus can scan your system when its not in use or in sleep mode.

Free Product Keys

We are very thankful to Mr. David A. Lavoie of Symantec Corporation for providing us 20 free license key of Norton AntiVirus Basic 2017 edition.
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