Obviously there are many ways to get traffic for your blog but none better than organic or free traffic. There are ways through which you can pay website for traffic but first you will not get targeted traffic from this method and second is that you will get this traffic only when you pay for it. So its not the best way to get traffic for your blog. I know its very hard to get traffic from search engines specifically you have to optimize your blog for SEO and stay away from black SEO techniques. But there are some other methods as well through which you can get free instant traffic for your blog.

Simple Ways to Get Free blog Traffic
Participate in online Forums.

The easiest, fastest and free way to get targeted traffic for your blog is via online forums. Forums are best way to engage with people who are related to your blog niche. The best part is that you can join forums free and the only thing which is required from you is your time and honesty. Yes honesty is the main thing if you want to earn some traffic and credit from forums. Also its very important that you join a forum related to your blog niche. Don’t ever spam on forums with your blog links and say people to visit your blog. Try to remain active on forums as many time as you can and try to help others. Try to tell people about your blog when they are in trouble and your blog should have solution to there problem.

Join Social Networking Websites.

More than 800 million people are on Facebook and same story is with Twitter. So if you want to directly interact with people join social networking websites. Again these website are free and easy to join. Create Fan pages of your blog on Facebook and Google+ so that your blog visitors will easily remain in-touch with you. Creating fan pages are very easy but if you don’t how to create one than read my article on how to create Facebook fan page and How to create Google Plus Fan page for you blog.

Send Newsletters.

Sending newsletter to people will also help you get visitors and customers for your blog. But the main thing is that don’t ever try to spam or speak lie to your visitors. Always present your best products or articles to people so that they subscribe to your blog happily and become potential customer in future.

Trade and Exchange Links.

Exchanging links with other blogs related to your blog content is another good way to build your website reputation and get free traffic as well. Its better to exchange small banners so that you get more traffic but image banners or not effective for SEO. So you can try a combination of text links and banner ads.

Leave Comments on other Blogs.

Most of the time when you leave a healthy comment(not spammy) on other blogs than there are chances that that blog owner or visitors of that blog might also visit your blog. For this to happen make sure that you first customize your Avatar image by signing up here to Gravatar.com and upload your own actual image. After that leave your actual real name, email address and a descent comment on blogs and you will be amazed by the result.

Guest Posting.

Guest posting or blogging is very popular now a days and can bring lots of free traffic towards your blog. This is a post that you write for some other blog so that you may introduce yourself to potential audience. Not only you will get free traffic but you can also put two do-follow links in your article which means page Rank juice will flow towards your blog and your blog will also get higher page rank.

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