Like other professions not every blogger is successful in blogosphere and infect 95% have fail to achieve the success which they dream for. This is of course very high percentage and very alarming too which means there is some thing going wrong with newbie bloggers. One of the main reason of this huge number of failure is that many bloggers are misinformed or they assume that earning money via blogging is just like withdrawing money via ATM machine. That’s why when they face there first blogging failure they lose heart and quit. That’s the point where you have to show your guts and imagination in order to turn the table around.

5 Tips to Run a highly Successful Blog

1. Deciding Profitable Niche Market.

Although you may have seen gurus saying that only blog about topic which interests you so that you keep going on with this topic but what if your topic has very little market than you will not get much traffic and hence money which may be your ultimate goal. So choosing right niche market is your first priority and you can easily find the profitable niche market by searching keywords phrases in Google Adwords Keyword Tool External and Google insights.

2. Choosing Best blogging Platform.

After deciding your blog niche its time for you to choose blogging platform also known as content management system. There are lots of CMS available for your like Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr etc but you have to decide which one is best suited for you and easy for you to work. Now a days WordPress is more popular than other CMS and its easy to manage blogs on it. WordPress has more professional themes and more than 17,000 free plugins ready for you.

3. Deciding Domain Name and Best Webhosting.

Choosing right domain name for your blog is very important as it will tells your blog visitors what this blog is all about. Choosing main keywords in your blogs domain name is going to help you in future for SEO. Search engines still prefer domain name with keywords in it rather than domain name with your personal name etc. After choosing domain name its time for you to choose best webhosting provider which guarantees 99.9% up-time with world’s fastest servers so that your blog will load like instantly. Hostgator is the best WordPress webhosting provider and almost all pro bloggers are using it.

4. Post quality content Again and Again and Again.

Now that you have done the basics right its time to fill your blog with quality and unique content. I bet you that if you put quality and unique content on your blog no one in this world will be able to stop you from success. But this is not going to be happen in one day or month or even months. You have to write continuously and regularly in order to be successful. Read article Why people will not visit your blog Again.

5. Take Blogging as business.

I know many of you are a part time bloggers and only blog in your spear time which is good for some period of time but if you want to earn big money and long term than you have to take blogging seriously. Blogging is a serious profession and you have to decide whether or not you should leave your job and continue as pro blogger. One thing is for sure that you have to face up and downs initially and it may test your patience and ability to fight. When you take blogging serious and give more time to your work than you will see that automatically every thing will go in favor of you and you will slowly but surly learn the art of pro blogger.

So what do you think that things are necessary for a highly successful blog other than these tips.