After seeing many bloggers achieving the goals that no body could imagine, many people are joining this field because of its potential and growth. Its good for blogging industry as we may see various different blogs as well as quality stuff. But one thing i may tell you is that blogging is not that easy as it looks like. You have to be very hardworking and consistent in order to achieve your goals. In order to be successful in blogging career you have to follow some steps and thankfully blogosphere is full of bloggers which are going to provide you all the material you want in order to be successful in this field.

waht are the 10 things to do after publishing you first blog post

After posting your first post you may be wondering what to do next. Well today i will tell you 10 things to do after publishing your first post which i have learned from my blogging experience.

1. Build Subscribers List.

Its very important that when visitors visit your blog you offer them the functionality to keep updated of your blog posts. Its one of the major blog marketing strategies and most effective one too. When i started blogging the first thing i do is burn my blog feed using Feedburner and place a Email subscription box at the top of my blog. If your haven’t done yet please read my article on how to burn your blog feed.

At first not many people subscribe to your blog as it is natural that people don’t want to revisit blogs with very little content but as time progresses and your blog builds up you will see that slowly but surly your blog subscribers list is increasing day by day. The main advantage of building list of visitors it that all these members are targeted visitors or customers of your blog and in future you can really take benefit from this list where as subscribers remain updated about your blog.

2. Launch Facebook Page.

If you want instant free visitors towards your blog than Facebook is a must social networking website for you to join. First create your blog Fan Page and than ask your friends and family members to like the page and promote it. This way you can build up and in some days you will see the power of Facebook. Also if any one visits your blog from other source than for those visitors put Facebook like Box widget in your blog sidebar so that visitors like your Facebook Fan page easily.

3. Launch Twitter Page.

Twitter is another social networking website which is being used by millions of users across the world but its bit different from Facebook. Also its very difficult to attract people on twitter but let me tell you that all those who follow you will be real asset for you. These are precious targeted visitors which can be turned into customers any time. After creating a twitter page put a Twitter follower widget on your blog sidebar so that people easily follow you by just clicking a single button.

4. Launch Google Page.

Although its relatively new social network but it has attracted some serious users around the world specially from united states so its a good idea of creating your blog’s Google Page and attach your Google Plus profile with it. You can learn how to create Google Page for your blog by visiting my another article. Google Plus is the future of social networking so make sure that your brand page is on Google Plus before Google Plus rocks the world.

5. Add Social Bookmarking Widget.

No one in this world will deny the importance of Social Bookmarking websites. These sites are a great way to bring free targeted traffic towards your blog as well as free one way backlink for your blog. When ever a visitor submit your blog post on any Social Bookmarking website this will consider as a vote for your blog from that visitor so its very important that you place some kind of functionality for them to easily bookmark your blog on Social Bookmarking websites.

6. Tell Technorati about your blog.

If you don’t know about Technorati than you are missing some serious traffic as well as backlink from blogs search engine. Technorati is a most popular internet search engine of blogs. Submitting your blog to Technorati is just like submitting your blog to Google. If you haven’t submit your blog yet, visit and make your profile. After creating your profile add your website and verify your blog by putting some code provided by Technorati. After verification your blog will be added by Technorati.

7. Make your Ideal.

Every person in this world has some kind of ideal to whom he or she follow and wants to be like there ideal. Same is applied in blogosphere where you have to idealize some one in order to be successful like your ideal. I am not saying that you start copy pasting all your ideal posts but learn different tactic’s as well as how he approachs to his blog topics. Learn by his experience and try to avoid mistakes which he has done in his blogging career. Its also good that you make a list of at-least 10 blogs related to your blog niche and keep visiting and reading there articles so that when you start writing you write some thing which people want to know and learn.

8. Purchase a white broad.

Believe it or not every successful blogger has white-broad in his room. Its natural that many ideas will come into your mind in every part of the day and its impossible that you will sitting 24 hours in-front of your computer. So its very necessary that you instantly write down any ideas which come to your mind before you forget these ideas.

9. Invite Guest Writers.

You may wondering its to early to Invite Guest Writers but let me tell you its not necessary that your blog should have 100 posts or Page-Rank 3 or so in order to attract Guest Writers. In-fact you will be amazed by the result and make sure you credit a DoFollow link back to Guest Writers blog.

10. Encourage People to Comment.

Make sure that your blog has easy to use and enable commenting system because comments are one thing through which search engines as well as people guess the importance of any blog. If your blog posts are with any comments than chances are that people will leave your blog early and may not visit again. Also make sure that you install WordPress Comment Love plugin which also encourages other blog owner to leave a comment on your blog.