I wonder many people are searching for Make Money Online for Free programs and they often fell into scams. Well if you are good at writing articles than now you don’t have to worry about earning money online in Pakistan without investment. Adsense is an advertising program mainly for publishers and webmasters which they use on their platforms. Now the interesting part is that you can also join and grab some share from them using Adsense.

What are Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites?

You can also grab some money if you join Adsense Revenue Sharing websites. Now what are these sites and how can you take participate in this program. The participation is very simple, all you need to do is to write some quality articles for these sites via your personal account(which they will create for you). When your account is created by them they will ask for your Adsense publishers ID so that your ads can also be shown on your articles. This way you can generate some money without any blog or website.

google adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

How can i get Adsense account without blog?

Some third party websites allows you to create Adsense account by simply remain active on them. Signup is free of cost and you only need to post genuine content like articles, images, videos etc. Many people will say you that¬†Buy Adsense account in Pakistan but you don’t have to give attention to them as this is not legal way to get your account. You can also read my other article 8 Ways to Create Adsense Account. When you got your account just use your publishers ID with best Adsense Revenue Sharing sites mention below.

Please note that not all sites will give you 100% share, Share ranges between 25% to 100% so please read their terms before submitting your articles.

1. ShoutMeLoud.com


2. InfoBarrel.com


3. DevilsWorkShop.org


4. SheToldMe.com


5. TricksDaddy.com


6. CallingAllGeeks.org


7. RsaTechnologies.in