Five things to ask Yourself before Making Money Online. Nowadays, many people have learned to take advantage of the internet in order to earn money. Specially after recent recession people have move towards internet marketing so that to earn part time or full time earnings. One of the biggest advantage of internet is that it requires very low or no money at all for investment which is a very big plus point. Also you can do your work from the comfort of home and you are not bound to follow the 9 to 5 job rules. If this sounds like one of your plans, please take a moment to read some of the questions that you should be asking yourself to help you better come up with means to make money online quickly and easily.

Making Money Online

Would you like to be a business owner or an employee?

You have to decide whether you would want to sell some products or services online or you just want to post your skills and wait for somebody to hire you. These two ways to earn money are both effective only if you will give it much prudent thinking and careful planning.

Why should people patronize your products or services? Or why should they hire you as their company employee?

If you would like to take the route of an online employee, list down all your skills.  Are you certain that these skills will help you earn money online? If you want to take the path of an online business owner you have to carefully assess what it is about your product or service that will give you an edge against anybody else in the internet.

Who will be your target market or employer?

As an online employee, whom do you think should make use of your skills and talents? If you will be a business owner, who do you think will patronize your products or services?

How long will it take you to deliver your products, services or skills?

If you would like to be a writer, video editor/creator or web developer how long will it take you to finish a certain task? If you will be selling a product or service, how long will it take you to deliver these to your target market? Just like any other businesses offline, time is of the essence. This is why you need to plan the length of time it will take you to finish one task or to deliver each service/product.

What will be your desired salary or how much will your products or services cost?

As an online employee, how would you like to be paid and for how much? Would you want to be paid on a per project basis or would you want to be paid on an hourly rate? If you want to be a business owner, how much will your services cost? What will be the price of each product that you are going to sell? Will this include the shipping and delivery fee?

These are few of the most important questions for you to ponder. Always remember that earning money online is very much possible.  But, just like any other job or business everything must be carefully planned before hand to ensure that you will not end up regretting.