Apply for Payza PrePaid Debit Card in Pakistan

The good news for Pakistani bloggers and people who work on internet is that Payza has announced its PrePaid Debit Card for 46 countries and Pakistan is one of them. The Payza PrePaid Debit Card is a dream come true for Payza users and this card gives them the power to purchase everything they want on internet. You can buy products from amazon, buy webhosting from premium webhosting companies etc. With this card you can withdraw money from your Payza account from any ATM machine any where in the world. That is why this card was highly demanded by the Payza users and now the wait is over. This card gives you the power to unleash the world and do what you want. In order to be eligible you must verify Payza account in Pakistan. This card is available in two types, USD PrePaid Card and CAD PrePaid Card.

Payza prepaid debit card in pakistan

Pre-register for Payza PrePaid Debit Card

You can pre-register for Payza Prepaid Debit Card by signing into your Payza account now. You will see a screen with the option to pre-register your Prepaid Debit Card. Just click the button and you will be considered for the card. Only 48 countries are eligible to apply for this card but in 2012 other countries will also be included. If you will be pre-selected for the card than you will be notified with E-mail from Payza and you can order your card. This best thing is that there is no fee requirement in order to pre register the card so hurry up now because limited cards are available for the pre-registration.

Access your funds anytime anywhere.

Payza PrePaid Debit Card is available in USD and CAD and its safe and convenient way to make international payments. Payza members can load up to 5,000 CAD or USD on to the card, directly from their Payza E-Wallet, and shop where VISA or MasterCard cards are accepted. Use the card to make online or in-store purchases anywhere in the world without exposing your personal information. No need to wait for your payment o arrive in your local bank accounts which take several business days.

Fees and Limits

Fee Description
  • Card load fee $1.00 *
  • POS usage and/or decline fee $0.50
  • Activation fee FREE
  • ATM transaction fee (domestic Canada & US) $2.50
  • ATM transaction fee (international) $3.00
  • Monthly service fee FREE
  • Inactive fee (after 3 months of inactivity) $1.00 **
  • ATM decline transaction $0.50
  • ATM balance inquiry $0.75
  • PIN change fee $1.00
  • Non-ATM withdrawal/over the counter withdrawal fee $10.00
  • Chargeback fee $35.00
  • Foreign exchange fee 2.5%

Card Limits

  • Maximum balance $5000.00
  • Minimum load $10.00
  • Maximum load $2500.00
  • Daily POS purchase limit $5000.00
  • Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit $1000.00
  • Load time 2-4 Business Days
  • Transfer to Payza balance Immediate
  • Number of daily loads 3
  • Number of weekly loads 10
  • Number of monthly loads 20
  1. khursheed ahmed anjum says:

    Hi dear sir i am earning from ten-dollar-click since 3 year still but i can’t withdraw the money. what is the true way to withdraw please help me.

  2. Asadullah says:

    Sir,i wanna know about and are they scam sites????? i have started work on them since 2 weeks.

  3. Zahid Hasan says:

    Dear Sir,

    What’s the Chargeback fee in alertpay prepaid debit card?
    Please answer me.

    Thank you

    • Mohsin Ali says:

      Sorry Zahid i have try to find an answer to your question but haven’t found any thing.

      • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

        Zahir in order to apply for Alertpay Debit Card all you need in to click on a link present in your Alertpay Credit Card Section. And Yes they will charge $20 for the card so money has to be in your account.

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Zahir Alertpay card ki qeemat hey $20.
          Card 20 se 35 din main mil jata hey.
          Card main paisey load karney key charges hain $1 aur paisey 2 business days main load hu jatey hain.
          ATM se paisey nikalney key $3 lagtey hain.
          ATM se balance check karney key $0.75 lagtey hain.

  4. Nasir says:

    Hello Mohsin,
    I’ve been selected for Alertpay Debit Card, it requires PhotoID, Passport No or Driver’s License.
    I tried to use CNIC Number instead but it won’t accept that, what should I do? Have you got the Debit Card yet? if yes then what did you use as PhotoID?

  5. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Hasnain now you don’t need to verify your Alertpay account, just order for Alertpay Visa Debit Card($20 charges) send your ID card copy with residence proof and card will be delivered at your door step.

  6. Hasnain says:

    How to apply sir Alertpay visa debit card..
    sir aap apna koi contact number hi da din please.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You cannot apply for Alertpay Visa Card if you are not eligible. Your account must have atleast 20 dollars and 30 days old in order to be eligible.

  7. Hasnain says:

    Our sir ek our baat mara $ dollar Alertpay key account ma ni aa rahy……500$ hain please help.

  8. Hasnain says:

    hi dear sir i am earning form neodollar since 6 month,but i con’t withdraw the money.what is tha way to withdraw .plzzzz help….

  9. Hasnain says:

    how is the best sites for earnimg….?

  10. Tariq says:

    Hello, mai ne january, 2012 mei alertpay prepaid debit card k liye apply kia, Alertpay walon ne mujhay 2 february, 2012 ko card ship ker dia tha. Waisay to 8 weeks ka time dia tha unhon ne, aur ab tuk 5 weeks huay hain, mere khiyal mei 5 weeks mei card pohanch jana chahiye tha bcoz 5 weeks boht hotay hain, kia Pakistan mei kisi ko card mila hai ya sub hi meri tarha 8 weeks pooray honay ka wait ker rahe hain??

  11. Nadeem says:

    salam ..
    can i verify my account with those documents which required for card ??
    i mean if i order the card account getting verified or not ??
    or its a separate process ? if yes then how i can verify..plz explain in detail..

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Nadeem when you get your Alertpay card you don’t need any thing else(no verification). Just use it normally like your ATM card with out any worries.

      • Nadeem says:

        Thanks for reply..
        for order the card u have to 20 $ in your alertpay account ..where i can buy alertpay dollars..or how i deposit..hope u understand .. :)

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          First of all Nadeem if you don’t have money in your Alertpay account than why are you requesting Card.
          Second if some how you want card than you can upload money via Bank Wire, Check or you can simply pay someone cash and he will deposit money in your account instantly.

        • Tariq says:

          From [email protected]
          Hello Nadeem, there are different methods to deposit money in Alertpay account. To see those methods, login to your Alertpay account and click on deposit, there are mentioned different methods. You can also deposit money into Alertpay account through exchangers, you will send them money, and they will send money into your Alertpay account. There are so many Pakistanis who have money in their Alertpay accounts including me, so you can exchange with them by giving them in rupees and get Alertpay dollars in return. With 20 dollars, you will be able to get your Alertpay debit card as told you by Mohsin Brother.

  12. Michel says:

    i received the prepaid alertpay visa card (USD card) but I don’t know how I should do to activate it
    can you tell me step by step how I can activate my card ?

    please reply me to my email : [email protected]

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Michel login into your Alertpay account and enter the 16 digit card number in the card verification area. After that set the 4 digit PIN code and your card will be activated instantly.

  13. Tariq says:

    Hello, I have checked the fees and limits for Alertpay Prepaid Debit Card, but I am not sure what amount I will receive in actual because of USD to Rupees Conversion. Let suppose, I withdraw $50 USD through USD card at any ATM in Pakistan, how much rupees I will actually receive?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Tariq if you have $50 in your Card(not account) than keep in mind than every time you withdraw money $1 will be deducted from your account. So you make sure that you should not withdraw full money from your card. I recommend you to withdraw $45 from your card.

      Exchange rate now a days is nearly 90 rupees for 1 dollar. Which means that you have to enter amount Rs.4000/- in ATM machine.

  14. Tariq says:

    Ok, thanks. But overall charges have been increased. In Pakistan, ATM withdrawal charges are $3 and 2.5% charges for USD to Rupees conversion. $1 will be the card loading fee. Means if I have $50 in my account, and I load this amount to my card, then $1 will be deducted at first instant. Means now I have $49. Now on ATM Withdrawal: $3 withdrawal fee + 2.5% currency exchange charges.
    [email protected]

  15. Tariq says:

    Hello, 43 days have been passed, but I still didn’t receive my Alertpay Debit Card, what should I do now?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Tariq looks like there may be a problem in your postal address. Make sure that the address you provide while signup is correct and if its 100% correct than order your card again.

  16. Tariq says:

    Address is verified by Alertpay. It is the same as mentioned in bill. How can I order my card again?

  17. jahangir says:

    AoA Ali Waheed
    i have created an acc in Alertpay,phone verification is done but it is still not verified,how to verify and does UBL WIZ card can upload funds to Alertpay?
    2nd: i want to verify and get Alertpay debit card

    do relpy sir
    thank you

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You don’t need to verify your account in order to request Alertpay Debit Card. Your account must have more than 20 dollars and than just apply for card. All you need to provide is your ID card scan copy and proof of address.

      Also if you have local bank account than you can withdraw money straight into your account without verifying Alertpay account via bank Wire.

      • jahangir says:

        Thankx for the reply bro
        Bro I don’t have any amount in it so can I uplaod it with UBL WIZ card???

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Jahangir as i told you before Alertpay is not accepting other cards at this moment.

          • jahangir says:

            sir is there any way you can guide us to fund alertpay so that i can deposit money to it
            and how to verify account to get started as i want to do online shopping


          • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

            If you want to upload money less than $100 than i will suggest you to deposit money via some third party websites like but if have more money than deposit money via check or Bank Wire.

            For shopping you need Alertpay Visa Debit Card which you can buy in just $20.

        • Tariq says:

          Hello Jahangir, you cannot upload money into your Alertpay Account through UBL WIZ Card. I personally tried UBL WIZ Card but its not working. To upload money into your Alertpay Account, login to your Alertpay Account and select any option mentioned there. NOTE: If you still don’t want to do so, and you really need Alertpay money, then I can help you in this regard. I will take Rupees from you and will transfer Alertpay Dollars into your account. My Email is [email protected]
          Before that, I would like to suggest you to take permission from Mohsin Brother, if he allows you to contact with me, then you should contact with me. Because it is against the ethics of the forum that two people are trying to contact with each other by taking personal contact through forums.

          • jahangir says:

            dear ali waheed can we contact as your forum is to help people so i hope you won’t mind if tariq bro is helping me out

            or you can help me out??

          • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

            Jahangir this blog is dedicated to educate people so i never mind if tariq is helping you out.

  18. Ahmed says:

    I request the card last month and today i receive the card. I am very happy. you guys are awesome.

    • jahangir says:

      bro how can i fund alertpay in pakistan except credit card which is not accepted at the moment???
      i just opened new account ,it is not verified either and don’t have any money in it so please guide

      • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

        Jahangir you don’t need to verify your alertpay account in order to use it. Just use any alertpay money exchange website or deposit money via bank wire or check.

  19. Qamar Abbas says:

    Bhai mughe idm ki registration key send kar dien.


  20. jahangir says:

    Ali bhai AoA
    what is the process of sending check?
    does it require bank account?
    bank wire cost is high to transfer and yes i want 100+ deposit


    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Jahangir for check deposit and bank wire you defiantly need bank account with your name. Check will take lot more time may be more than 30 days so its better to deposit money via bank wire($15 fee).

      • jahangir says:

        thank u very much for the help, i really appreciate it,due to your forum i got the solution and met tariq who helped me out so thankx once again
        Pakistan zindabad

  21. Aqeel Ahmed says:

    Salam o Alikum !

    Dear Bro, can u Plz tell me in how many days i receive Alertpay prepaid card ?

    i m waiting for my card from more than 30 days.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Aqeel as i said earlier it will take around 35 days as my card was arrive in 35 days.

      • Aqeel Ahmed says:

        thanks for reply

      • Jawad Khan says:

        i m waiting for my card from more than 38 days.

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Jawad Alertpay says that it can take 30 to 60 days but i receive my card in 35 days. make sure that your mailing address in perfectly alright. You know own mailing system in Pakistan. Some times they it can be a fault on our side not from them.

          • Fawad Ali says:

            Same problem with me. 9th week has been started, but still not received my card. No reply via Alertpay Support Center & no reply via get satisfaction blog.
            Dear Bro tell me what i do?

          • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

            Fawad you are on the border line of getting your card. If its more than 60 days than surly you have to contact Alertpay Customer Support so that they can send you another card on your home address.

  22. qaiser iqbal says:


    I add my visa debit card on AlertPay for registration.then i did not received verification code on my bank statement.i remove my debit card from alertpay site and then try again to add my previous debit card on alertpay website for registration after adding the visa debit card i received the following error.
    The credit card number you provided is already registered with alertpay.please contact customer support for assistance.
    When i check my credit card summary.Its monthly limit is showing the card is disable.
    Please help me that i remove the error from my visa debit card.That i process for further verification.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Qaiser its not possible that you add the card in Alertpay and you have not receive the verification code. Either some thing is missing or you may not fulfill all the steps.

      If you want to again add the Debit card than you have to contact Alertpay customer support, they will add it manually.

  23. qaiser iqbal says:


    Can i add my previous debit card which is showing disable on alertpay with new alertpay & new yahoo ID.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      No you cannot add same card again in any other account but you can add it in your same account. For this you have to contact customer support.

  24. atif mehmood says:

    Dear Mohsin ali waheed i applied for credit card success fully and provided them my passport and wrote my pass port number on second box.And also provide copy of that.And i provided them the copy of my gas bill but gas connection is on my father name. but my credit card application declined after 3 days found that email which stat like that

    “Please note: it is very important that the information listed on your documents matches the information in your AlertPay account. We kindly ask that you verify this before resubmitting the required documents. Once you are able to order a new AlertPay PrePaid Debit Card, you will need to provide the following documents:
    A proof of address, such as a bank statement, credit card statement, a phone bill or a utility bill. The name and address on the document must match the information listed in your AlertPay account. Please ensure that the statement date is visible and that it is dated within the last 3 months.
    A government issued photo identification document, such as a passport, driver’s license, country/state ID. This identification must be valid and cannot be expired. Please ensure that your date of birth is visible.”

    please help me out

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Atif i clearly said in article that your utility bill address must match with the Alertpay Mailing address. If its not matched than first correct it and than send the application again.

  25. qaiser iqbal says:


    If my alertpay account is unverified can i apply for alertpay prepaid card.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Yes if you can see “Order your card” link in your account than you are eligible for the card. Verifying Alertpay account is not necessary.

  26. Mohib says:

    Salam Mohsin bhai
    please tell me easy and liable ways to earn money online without any registrayion fee.


  27. shah says:

    hi im making new ACOUNT IN alert pay what will i need to verify it and how will i withdraw through card frm it that i will earn

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Shah first of read my other article on how to verify Alertpay account. Second thing is that you need $20 in your account so that you apply for prepaid card.

  28. Fawad Ali says:

    Salam Bro,

    They do not reply via Alertpay Support Center & no reply via get satisfaction blog.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      I think that unlike other payment processors they will not give you another card without payment. You have to make sure that your address is 100% correct and some times you have to contact postal office too for a failed mail delivery. Strange things can happen in Pakistan so be prepared.

  29. wasif says:

    Dear Can you please explain me , can i use my Urdu ID card or english??????

  30. Riaj Rahman says: is this website Scam?

  31. Atif Mehmood says:

    Dear Mohsin Ali waheed i received my alerpay debit card today.But i am completely confused what to do next.I mean how to activate it?In reply to michel you said just enter 16 digit code in card verification area but i did not find please tell me step by step.Thanks!

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Atif login into your Alertpay account and click on My Account -> Profile -> AlertPay PrePaid Debit Card Beta and than click on Activate link.

      After that it will simply ask for your card number which you can see on the front side of your card. Enter the 16 digit number and 4 digit PIN code which you have to use while withdrawing money from ATM.

  32. Arslan Ali says:

    how to make a blog or is there any site which tells us the complete way of making a blog.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Arslan creating a blog is no more difficult thing to do and i know many 13 -15 years bloggers who are earning 100 to 500 US dollars from this field. All you have to do is how you promote your blog.

  33. Mohsin Gill says:

    Sir, i’m really satisfied with your answers, but i have also a question. I pre register myself for alertpay prepaid card, now they saying that order your prepaid card but i don’t have a local bank account. Now am I eligable to order it and how to provide them my cnic info etc.. By scanning or by some other option

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Gill simply order your card and within registration process they will ask for your CNIC scan copy and utility bill scan Copy. Make sure that utility bill address match the address of Alertpay account.

  34. haseeb says:

    bahi alertpay pre paid card say kis kis ATM say withdrew kara saktay hain? and ek waqt mein kitne pakistani rupees nikal saktay hain? matlab kis ATM say hum ek transcation mein kitne rupees nikal sakay gay?

  35. Omer says:

    i have payza account how to i verify the account and ho to get the money by using payza…???

  36. muhammad usman says:

    aslam o alkeum agr koi mujhe alertpay debit card k sath acount sale krna chahe tu main 20000 tk de skte hon mera contact no he 03244102365

  37. muhammad usman says:

    Mohsin bhai mujhe alertpay debit card k sath acount cahiye agr aap ka koi dost sale krna chahta ho tu main 20000 tk dene ko tyar hon plz contact me 03244102365

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Usman better to apply for Card rather than buying it because every account is verified by its owner so no one will sell you account.

  38. haider says:

    hello what is
    Non-ATM withdrawal/over the counter withdrawal fee $10.00


    Chargeback fee $35.00

  39. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Farooq masla tu ho ga. Aap aesa kareen key aik naya acount bana lain Relative ki ID aur address key sath aur us sey Card keley apply kar lain.

  40. ASF says:

    salam mohsin, you know that alertpay has changed to payza now. so the card which i will get from Payza will be Visa Debit Card ? Can I use it for online shopping and purchases ?

  41. Mohsin says:

    Sir, I wanna ask that the scanned copy of CNIC and utility bill are colored or black and white,
    Second thing i want to know that how to load payza debit card through payza account , plz tell the method step by step, I’ll be very thankful to you..

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      I think that all scan copies are colored if the original file is also colored.

      For card load just Login into your Payza account, Go to Prepaid Card – Manage Card and Load card balance. Once there just fill the amount and your money will be loaded in 2 to 4 business days.

  42. shahzad says:

    Please clear is my question , if i have 100$ in my alertpay account i have prepaid card i want to withdraw 50$ so how much money total charge from my alertpay to till withdraw atm machine included exchange charges. please complete answer

  43. qaiser iqbal says:


    When i click on the Validate button in payza for debit card verification it,s show this type of error.Your credit card has been disabled with Payza. Please contact Customer Support for assistance,after contact to payza customer support.The payza mail me …mail is below

    it is your card issuer that is declining your transaction. Please contact your card issuer once more and inquire as to whether or not this card can be used with an online payment processor. It is also essential that you mention that we process our payments outside North America.Please guide me on this issue.

  44. qaiser iqbal says:


    I add my visa debit card on AlertPay for registration.then i did not received verification code on my bank statement.i remove my debit card from alertpay site and then try again to add my previous debit card on alertpay website for registration after adding the visa debit card i received the following error.
    The credit card number you provided is already registered with alertpay.please contact customer support for assistance.
    .The Customer Support enabled my credit card..After clicking on the Validate button it,s show this type of error.Your credit card has been disabled with Payza. I contact with Customer Support for assistance.The customer support team say,it is your card issuer that is declining your transaction. Please contact your card issuer once more and inquire as to whether or not this card can be used with an online payment processor.Please help me in this issue that I enable my debit card.


  45. Yahya Mehmood says:

    I need us dollar prepaid cards.Thanks.

  46. Usman says:

    What is the lifetime limit for the payza card?
    If the name on my utility bill and ID Card does not match then will I be able to apply for the card?
    What happens after the lifetime limit of the card is over?

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