How to Withdraw Money from Payza Account in Pakistan

In the beginning of 2012 Payza introduces its own PrePaid Debit Card for payment withdraws and after that they block almost every other option of money withdrawal. Check and Credit Cards are no more working and the only option left is Bank Wire withdrawal for Pakistanis which obviously require that your account must be verified. And when you try to verify your account again Check and Credit Card option is not working. So in order to withdraw money from your Alertpay account you either have to verify your account by Depositing money from your local bank account to your Payza account or via ordering PrePaid Debit Card in Pakistan.

alertpay PrePaid Debit Card

1. Verify your Payza Account in Pakistan.

The only option available in order to verify your Payza account in Pakistan is via Depositing money from your local bank account. In order to Deposit money login into your Payza account and click on Deposit Money tab. After that enter the amount you want to deposit and Click on Next button. Payza will ask for Confirmation and than on next payment it will display the Bank Name, Address, SWIFT Code, Routing/ABA Number and Account Number need to do this transaction.

alertpay bank details

The charges for this transaction is $20 and your money will be deposited in 2 to 4 business days. After that your Alertpay account will be verified and now you can withdraw money into your local bank account via Bank Wire(fee $15 per transaction).

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2. Withdraw Money via Payza PrePaid Debit Card in Pakistan.

If you don’t want to verify your account than you have another option to withdraw funds and that is via Alertpay PrePaid Debit Card which any one can get by simply proving ID card and Utility Bill scan copy to Alertpay. Fee for this card is $20(one time) and it will let your withdraw funds easily from any ATM machine.

In order to obtain the Payza PrePaid Debit Card login into your account and click on the link Order the card. If the link is not visible than you need more transactions in your account so that Alertpay will consider you as well. Also make sure that your account has $20 in it before doing this process.

order the Alertpay card

Now Alertpay will show you two options USD PrePaid Debit Card and CAD PrePaid Debit Card. Just click on “Select USD PrePaid Card” and it will take you to the next page.

alertpay USD prepaid card

You need two proof documents in order to get the card. One is your Nadra ID Card and other is Utility bill copy need to verify your home address. Make sure you scan the Back side of the ID card. Enter the ID card number in the Photo Id box and select Government Issue ID from the drop box. Just scan these two documents, upload them via browse button and click on next Step button.

alertpay government issue id

Next screen will ask you to verify your shipping address. Make sure the address mention here is the same on your utility bill other wise correct it here and click next Step button.

alertpay address verification

As i said earlier you need 20 dollars in your account for this transaction. Alertpay will now deduct money from your account and you have to enter PIN code as well.

alertpay debit card currency

Click on Complete button and you are done. Your card will be shipped after your documents are verified so please be patient. Card can take 35 to 60 days to arrive in Pakistan.

alertpay congratulations message

  1. Ammar Ali says:

    Mohsin when i created Alertpay account for first time then i clicked on order USA Alertpay debit card. But they said we received your request. Now where i can find option to verify that alertpay debit card or home address?

  2. Irfan says:

    I wish PayPal also start Debit Card facilities for their users. Then I would love to have a PayPal Debit Card in my wallet. :D

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Irfan i think you don’t need Paypal prepaid debit card if one can withdraw money from Paypal straight into his local bank account.

      • Muddasir Rizvi says:

        Dear Sir,
        How can order USD Prepaid card to Payza Account
        Pls Show Payza screen shoot
        im waiting you reply
        Muddasir Rizvi

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Muddasir Rizvi Payza will automatically offer your prepaid card if you are eligible. Also you can contact Payza support for this if your account has atleast $20 in it..

  3. Rameez Shah says:

    Asalam_O_alaikum Mohsin Bhai,

    First of all, I would like to appreciate you for your great efforts to educate Pakistani people about alertpay payment system. I want to as you one thing. I am going to issue new Alertpay prepaid card in near future, please answer 2 Qs:

    1. How can I withdraw alertpay dollars from pakistani ATM machine as Pakistani ATM’s have money in Pakistani Rs?

    2. Alertpay Prepaid Card working on any Bank’s ATM?

    3. How much time ATM machine will take to withdraw alertpay dollars in Pakistan?

    Waiting for your sweet response.

    Best Regards,

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Rameez very good questions ask by you. I should have answered these questions in my post.

      In order to withdraw money you have to convert your dollars into Pakistani rupees. e.g if you have $100 in your Alertpay account than 100*89=8900 Rupees. Now you have to also make sure that enough balance will remain in your account for service charges so its better not to withdraw whole money. So withdraw Rs.8000/- in above mention example. ATM machine will automatically convert dollars into Pakistani rupees. so don’t worry.

      Second thing you have asked about Working of this card. I have used this card on MCB, SCB and UBL. You can try it on other banks ATM too.

      Third ATM withdrawal time is normal. ATM machine just have to connect the branch of Alertpay located in New york and convert your dollars into rupees. After that whole procedure is normal.

  4. Rameez Shah says:

    Thank you so much Mohsin Bhai. I will definitely use Alertpay Prepaid Card as per your directions InshaALLAH.

  5. Rameez Shah says:

    Dear Mohsin Bhai,


    I have an alertpay personal pro verified account. Is it mandatory to upload documents even I have a verified personal pro account? I am going to send request to issue new alertpay prepaid card But I have doubt about proof documents as I have already submitted documents at the time of verification.


    Proof documents will require in case someone has unverified alertpay account.

    Please clear the situation.


    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Rameez documnets are must as my account was also verified but still they ask for documents. You only need a scan copy of your ID card(Urdu or English both are acceptable) and utility bill. Make sure that your utility bill has same address as in your Alertpay account.

  6. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Farooq Alertpay has changeg it policy and they are only issuing their own Prepaid Debit card for payment Withdrawls. So its better to order your card. You just need to documents ID-card and utility bill scan copy.

  7. faizan irfan monawwar says:

    hi i will be glad to know that is Alertpay prepaid card actually works in Pakistan. I got a card but i cannot withdraw, the card is activated and works in ATM but just a problem is that they are not giving money

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Faizan i think you are withdrawing full money from your account which is not recommended. Its not your ordinary local bank account ATM card. You have to keep some balance in your card in order to function it properly. Every time you check your balance or withdraw money its charges $1 fee. So if you have $100 balance and you are withdrawing full amount than from where it detects transaction charges. I am using this card without any hassle.

  8. qaiser iqbal says:


    My AlertPay account is unverified can i transfer money from neobux to alertpay.

  9. Rameez Shah says:

    Dear Mohsin Bhai,
    I hope that you will be fine there. I have submitted request to withdraw some dollars from alertpay through bank wire to my Standard Chartered bank and now after 5 business days, I have received this mail from alertpay:

    “Your withdrawal transaction by bank transfer is now complete. The funds have been sent for deposit into your selected bank account. Please allow 1-3 business days for the funds to show up in your bank account”.

    As you are more experienced than me, please tell me how much time is required to shown money in my Standard Chartered Bank account. I have checked my bank account today but no money has been received so far. Please tell me your experience about withdrawal through bank wire to Standard Chartered bank.

    Thank u so much in advance.

    Best Regards,

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Rameez you have not mention the date at which you request the money but as you receive the mail than its a matter of one day or two and you will receive money into your account. If some how you will not receive money within next two days than please let me now.

  10. Rameez Shah says:

    Dear Mohsin Bhai,

    I have contacted today on helpline of Standard Chartered Bank 111-002-002 and ask them about my money but they are saying that no money has been showing in pipeline. It is pertinent to mention here that I have received confirmation mail from alertpay yesterday morning i.e. 11-04-2012 and still money has not been deposited in my SCB account. Please share your experience about bank wire to SCB account. How much time you waited when you received your money in SCB account for first time.

    Thank u so much for your cooperation.


  11. Arslan says:

    dear friend.
    i would like to know what is copy of utility bill.
    i am going to order debit card and they are asking to provide him the copy of utility bill copy and i have no idea what is it.

    plzz help me.

  12. Mubz says:

    AOA: Can i use my Askari Bank debit card to withdraw money from Alertpay??

  13. Rameez Shah says:

    Dear Mohsin Bhai,

    I have received my alertpay money today in my SCB account. Thanks alot for your cooperation and guidance.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Good to hear this. This will also help convince other people who are just waiting for their payments.

  14. qaiser iqbal says:


    What is best ptc sites.please help in this confusion.

  15. Arslan Ali says:

    salam brother,
    i would like to know about the utility bill, how i can get it and what is it all about, i want to order debit card and i need two profe one is id card and the second is copy of utility bill plz tell me what is utility bill.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Just scan the Electricity bill of your home and send it to the Alertpay. Make sure it matched the address with your account postal address.

  16. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Naveed you can deposit money into your Alertpay account via some third party currency exchange services like

  17. naveed ahmed says:

    sir can i send money from to alertpay?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You cannot send money but you can exchange money and for this you have to pay charges to website.

  18. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    35 to 60 days.

  19. Arslan Ali says:

    hi sir,

    i have asked a question about electricity bill and you have have answered that just scan the electricity bill and then you have said that address should be matched with your postal code address, i would like to know what is mean by postal code address.

  20. Arslan Ali says:

    if the address in the bill is not matched with my home address then what i do.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Than this is a big problem Arslan. How can this be possible that your home address is not correct on your bill. You can use 3 bills Telephone, Electricity or Gas bill. I don’t think that your home address will be incorrect on all bills.

  21. Arslan Ali says:

    utility bill contain my father and grandfather name also e.g
    gulzar hussan
    s/o imam din
    moh sadhu jp.jatn grt

    that is the address which is written on the utility bill
    mujy yeh pochna tha k alertpay par b yehe address hona chaeye kyon main ne alertpay par koi aur address deya howa hai.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You can change your home address on Alertpay any time. Don’t worry about your father and grand father names.

  22. Arslan Ali says:

    ok thnks
    alertpay par jo address main ne deya hai us ko remove kar k jo utility bill par deya howa hai wo likho with father and grandfather name,

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Yes but you can also put address without your father and grand father name. Just make sure that address is 100% accurate.

  23. Arslan Ali says:

    mere id card k upar b aik address hai keya main us ko likh sakta hon

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      No You need to provide only Bill address into your Alertpay account. ID card address is not relevant.

  24. Adul Qayum says:

    Salam Mohsin Bhai,

    Which side of ID card i need to scan?
    Can i use photocopy of the Utility bill and ID card?
    I am confused here.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Qayum its better that you scan both sides of your ID card but you can also scan the back side of your ID card and send it.

      Its better to scan the colored version of ID card and utility bill.

  25. Adul Qayum says:

    Just forget the photocopy part.
    I thought that i have to submit it to the bank.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      YOu simply have to scan the ID card and bill and upload it into your Alertpay account when you order Alertpay Prepaid card.

  26. Layek says:

    Hey Mohshin Bhai,

    Can i verify any paypal account by alertpay prepaid debit card, if yes then tell me how please

  27. Adul Qayum says:

    Thanks a lot Mohsin Bhai,
    Your article have helped me alot.

    At Last i want to ask two more things.
    The address on my ID Card is different from the utility bill address(Because i’ve shiftedd from my old home to new one).
    Does it matter?
    Do i need to take colour scan?

    Thanks again.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Qayum it does not matter if address of your ID card and Bill not match. You need to provide color scan copy of both these documents.

  28. Adul Qayum says:

    Hi Mohsin bhai,

    Yesterday night it was showing debit card option. I have selected American card and it required scan proof of ID card and Utility bills.
    I have scanned them today and login to my account, the debit card option is not showing.
    What is happening?

  29. Adul Qayum says:

    No, i didn’t cancel the option.
    Light chali gayi thi (Uff ye load shedding).
    Aur aaj jab ma ne login kiya tau kuch display nahi ho raha tha.
    Ma na documents bhi scan karwa liye hain.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You did some thing wrong and if the link is not appearing again than you have to contact Alertpay Customer support.

  30. Dr.Shahzad Rao says:

    Aslam o alikium
    please guide me i want to discus about some problems relating alertapay account.please give your nice time.
    1. how can i verify my alertpay account.?
    2. i have an acoount in SCB branch in multan in pk rupees not in dollars, is it necessary to deposit 50 $ to alerpay for verification? if this is necessary to deposit for verification , then either i can send from SCB acount in pk rupees ?
    3. plz guide me if u have some better opinion about verified alertpay account.?

    thanks brother

    i hope u will cooperate as early possible .

    Dr.Shahzad Rao
    +92 300 4304821

  31. Adul Qayum says:

    Thanks Mohsin bhai,

    I have contacted Alertpay team regarding this problem and got a quick response from them.
    they enable this option again.
    Now i hope it’ll be delivered to me safely (Not to anyone else).

    May Allah bless you.

  32. Dr.Shahzad Rao says:

    mohsin bhai. i went to bank branch. but they said for sending 50$ to abroad u have to open a account in dollars ?
    plz guide me hw can i handle this situation ?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      I don’t understand our banking culture. Abroad is not out of this world and sending and receiving money between countries is a piece of cake now a days. You only have to send money order to the Alertpay bank branch located in New york and for this you don’t have to open foreign currency account.

  33. Saba says:

    Dear Mr.Mohsin Ali,
    First of all thanks for this comprehensive post.
    As you mentioned for verification and debit card we need to send them scanned copies of our CNIC and utility bills.
    My question is could we send our postpaid cellphone bills as well for utility bill or we need to have ptcl on our name .

    Best Regards

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      The purpose of utility bill is to verify your home address and if contains full address than its acceptable. Make sure that the address is same in your Alertpay account too.

  34. Adul Qayum says:

    What is this?

    Dear Abdul Quyum Khan,

    Your AlertPay PrePaid Debit Card order has been declined

    This is to inform you that your order for an AlertPay PrePaid Debit Card has been declined and your payment has been refunded.

    How did this happen?They declined it without any explanation.I have tried to contact them.
    Let’s see what’ll be their response.

  35. Peter says:

    Hello Mr Mohsin Ali!

    I have the same problem as one of these comment’s owner.
    I have an alertpay pre-paid card.I loaded it with money.
    I tried to withdraw via atm but I couldnt!I tried with the lowest amount too but nothing.I got this message:

    “This transaction cash is currently not available.”
    I tried to withdraw in my country and in Austria as well!Without success…
    I have no idea what to do or why this is?!
    Do you have any idea?

    In alertpay account there is 2 things:
    When I manage my pre-paid card I can load with money(my card is CAD currency).
    And at “withdraw” option I can withdraw via alertpay pre-paid card.
    Whether is there any difference between the 2 options?
    I hope you can help me…
    Thank you for your answer in advance!


    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Peter this can be a general error message. You have to carefully convert the dollars in your desired currency(if not in dollars) and make sure that your card will always have some money in it for service charges etc.

      • Peter says:

        What do you mean “carefully convert”?
        Atms automatically convert the money to the country’s currency,dont they?!

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          I mean to say that if you miscalculated the exchange rate and try to withdraw more money from your account than this error happens.

          • Peter says:

            Ok,I cought it.
            2 days before I could’ve withdrawn money in my country!:)
            But not in Austria.
            Is it possible that alertpay card is only accepted in the supported countries?!
            But it says that “you can use your alertpay card anywhere in the world where visa is accepted”.

          • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

            No it can be used in any country and on ATM machines with Visa logo.

  36. Abdul Qayum says:

    Hi Mohsin,

    I am unable to get Alertpay Prepaid card.
    They declined me without any explanation. I’ve tried to contact them but there is no response.
    So can you tell me any other alternate to get money from Alertpay?
    What about Payoneer Card?(I also have some money in my InfoLinks account)

    I really need your help.


    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Abdul at this point only Alertpay Prepaid card withdrawal method is working. I think your account has no money that’s why they are rejecting your application. Deposit at-least $20 in your account and than apply.

  37. Abdul Qayum says:

    I have 126$ in my account.
    They deduct 20$ at the registration process. And said to wait for 2-8 weeks till you’ll recive your card.
    Then after some days i got mail with declining message.

  38. Zohaib Khan says:

    Dear mohsin..
    Can you please tell me…is alert pay account verification important for alert pay debit card…

  39. asif says:

    salam mohsin bhai,

    I have submitted request to withdraw some dollars from alertpay to scb ,by mistake I put my debit card number instead
    of my account, and transaction has completed in alertpay, and after 10 days I got that the account number is wrong, then I contact to alertpay by mail about the problem ,and the alertpay reply with an id no and ask to search this id in your bank account for finding fund, I make call call and give the id for search the fund , but they didn’t recognize the id, please tell me what should I do now?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Asif i think that if your account number was incorrect than how come the transaction completed. You money should be deposit back into your account by Alertpay within 2 business days.

  40. Zeeshan Haider says:


    Mera problem kuch ajeeb he.
    Mere paas koi credit card nai he. Jis waja se mera alertpay ka account unverified he.
    Uska balance b 0 he.
    Mere pas Kuch PTC websites pr menimum payout jitni raqam mojud he lakin mere pas un PTC websites ki membership nai he, Jiski waja se wo withdraw/cashpayout nai de rhin.
    ab mujhe kya krna chahie?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Zeeshan main aap ka masla naheen smajha. PTC websites se amount nikilwaney keyley account ka verified huna zaroori naheen.

  41. Aine says:

    Hello, Mr Mohsin Ali Waheed

    I have asked you 3 questions,please reply my all questions!
    I am from Pakistan and I have an unverified payza account,
    Q1:Can I apply for Payza prepaid card?

    They ask for Id proof and utility bill for confirming address,
    But Is it acceptable,

    Q2:If I show My national Identity card for
    Picture Id and Bank statement for confirming my address?

    Because the utility bill is not by my name.

    Q3:For receiving Payza prepaid card,which delivery option is better?
    Free or $48 dollars?

    Please help!

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Answer no 1: Yes you can because i am also Pakistani and if they can give me card than why not you.

      Answer no 2: You have to provide Nadra ID card and Utility bill scan copy(Telephone, Electricity or Suigas). Now ID card name and name on utility bill must be same. You can provide utility bill persons name ID card as well(you don’t need to provide your’s).

      Answer no 3: Free deleivery is also good but it takes 30 to 60 days to reach card in Pakistan. My card was reached in 30 days.

      • Aine says:

        Thanks mr.Mohsin,But I don’t have same name and address on ID card or any utility bill,Even no one has in my family,Please clear If I provide Recent Bank Statement to confirm my address?
        Because The name and address on ID card as same as on the Bank Statement.

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Aine you can try the Bank Statement(i am not sure about it) and if they reject it than they will tell you within 2 days.

  42. Abdul Aziz Baig says:

    Good evening sir, i m abdul aziz baig i have aleartpay account. i m working some ptc site. neobux, clicksence, and or kuch or par meri amount in site par hogaee hain. fiveaclik par requestmoney par aleartpay clik key to who detail mang raha he first “accouidname/accounidnumber. but main jase he apni email id deata hon tow who khta hey key digit main apni account id number do. but mujhe maloom nahi hey who id number khan say lawoon. kese maloom karon.
    2q. aleartpay main meain send amount,request amount or widrawaamount ka kya matlab hey.
    or kya hum jese hi kisi site say money transfer karwate hain
    to who foren show ho jate hain aleartpay main
    thanks and regards

  43. Aine says:

    Hello ,Mr.Mohsin

    I applied for an alertpay debit card with NADRA ID card & The recent Bank Statement,But I scanned the front side of NADRA ID Card because the name with picture ID appears on front side of NADRA ID card not on the back side of the id card,But its mentioned above in this blog that “Make sure you scan the back side of ID card.”

    I am confused,because the name does not appear on the back side of The NADRA ID Card.
    Will you please define?
    Did I do right?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Aine you have scanned the wrong side of ID card. Please scan the back side of your card because it contains the special bar-code which is only readable to computers.

      • Aine says:

        Mr.Mohsin, as I told you that I have already applied for Alert pay debit card by NADRA ID card (front side)& The recent Bank Statement on Friday June 1st and today is June 6th and still I did not received any rejection email from

        Because,you mentioned above that”if they reject it than they will tell you within 2 days.”

        What does it mean?

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Its mean that your card is on its way.

          • Aine says:

            But I am afraid, may be they can reject after some days, Because They mentioned on support page.

            “Known Issues – as of June1, 2012: “Our verification team is working hard to catch up on the large number of verification documents that have been submitted for review. You may experience a delay of up to 10 additional business days for the process to be completed.”


            Please first read through this URL and then tell me.

            God forbid, If it happens to me then how can I re-apply for Alert pay debit card with back side of NADRA & other documents?
            Because the banner of card will be disappear in my payza account homepage.

          • Aine says:


            Plz reply of my last post June 6, 2012 at 4:29 pm.

          • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

            Aine i already reply to you and don’t worry Payza is a good payment processor and they will surly send you card. They might have too many card requests that’s why there is a delay.

  44. Aine says:

    Thanks Mr.Mohsin,
    I have received an email from that my card has been shipped on June 9th. :).
    plz tell me!
    Q1: From which postal service you got your alert pay prepaid card?
    Q2:Is it necessary that same person should receive the card or show his/her id card or reference number when receiving the alert pay prepaid card?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Thank god you receive the email and card will be delivered via simple postal service. Any one can receive the card as my card was received by my brother.

  45. tahira sattar says:

    AOA bro i want to ask which are SCB banks ( name of banks) in pakistan?
    and my 2nd Q is for order of alertpay prepaid debit card they need cnic and utility bill and for wire transfer they need bank info so is our info is safe at alertpay b/c there is my type of frauds and i read from a website that many sites use our inf in many illegal things?
    i will wait for ur soon reply.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Wsalam Tahira
      SCB bank means (standard chartered bank).
      Just cross your ID card before you scan it and write on it “only for Payza” in order to prevent fraud.

  46. KING UMER says:

    Aslam-O-Alikum friend i want to ask that can i use mcb debit card for deposit and withdraw in payza..waiting for ur reply friend

  47. Farrukh Shehzad says:

    Mohsin bhai i ave alertpay account wth tthe attahed mezan bank debit card i wan to wthdraw money can u plz temme the transaction fee? regards

  48. Farrukh Shehzad says:

    nd more qs plz does really works? i mean 5$ to view a ad which is of 50 seconds aint that seems to be ridiculous

  49. tahira sattar says:

    mohsin bhai can u plz reply my QNS ? I am waiting for ur reply.

  50. Farrukh Shehzad says:

    thanks bhai u r awesum

  51. Sajid Khan says:

    Mohsin Ali Waheed.
    mujay ya bata day ka may nay Fund add karna hay payza par woo credit card say nahi hoo raha hy ab kya karoo .Alrtpay PrePaid Debit Card say fund add hoo jay gaa?.Help me .Eik or bat .Alrtpay PrePaid Debit Card k liy payza account Verify hona zaroori hay k nahi ?or mara account personal starter hay es par Alrtpay PrePaid Debit Card order hoo jay ga. Urdu may Reply kana thanks U

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Sajid you can add funds from your local bank account into Payza account via Bank Wire.
      Payza Debit card keyley account verify huna zaruri naheen.
      Personal starter account se bhi card mil jata hey.

  52. masudahmed says:

    Mohisn bhai i visit your site 1st time and i want to ask that how i verified my Alert Pay Acc. I have MCB ATM card and i want to use as a virtual internet Banking. i apply for it . my question is that im doing right way to verifiy my Alertpay Ac. plez tell me as early as possible.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Masud ahmed i don’t know why you people want to verify your Payza account when you can get Payza Visa Prepaid Card without verify your account. Just order this card and withdraw money easily from any ATM.

  53. amir says:

    Dear mohsin ali
    my account alertpay has activate but not verify im intersted payza visa prepaid card but i dont know receive him and order plz help me .

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Just contact payza support for card and they will send you link. After that all you need is a Nadra ID card scan copy and your house electricity or Suigas bill copy for address verification.

  54. Muhammad Adnan says:

    Hi Mohsin,
    Thanks for your valuable info.
    I ordered the prepaid card but they said it is unavailable and not sure when it’ll be available. So the only options for Pakistan is Bank wire.

    So my question is, Is bank wire transfer is safe and reliable? as I’ve heard people complaining about delay and sometime unable to receive any payment.
    If so then what bank and what account should I use for best results and least fees.

    Wish I could use my prepaid payoneer card which also I’m unable to use with payza.

    Thanks for your support

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Adnan it seems like that you apply for Alertpay card with no money in your account. make sure that your account has atleast $20 in it when you apply. Bank wire is not working now a days.

  55. amir maqbool says:

    Dear mohsin bhai
    ya alertpay ka prepaid card receive krne k leya muje kiya pakistan mey kisi bank mey account open krna pray ga ya nae mera to alertpay bank mey account he or card receive krne k leya muje apnay id card ki copy means scan kr k or electricity bill or suigas bill ki photo copy kr k kis tara alertpay walo ko send krni he or muje kitni dyar mey card receive hoga or mera account unverify he is mey koi problem to nae he .

  56. Khawer Khan says:

    my alertpay acount is verified only through phone and i cant verified through other options.Do still i can withdraw money through wire transfer.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      No you have to fully verify your account. I recommend you to order PAyza Visa Prepaid card which can be issue to you with out verifying your account.

  57. Khawer Khan says:

    I have alertpay and paypal account.I fully succeed to verify paypal account through payoneer card.Pakistan is not available in Paypal so my question is do still i can transfer money from paypal to any bank of Pakistan or not

    I also succeed to verify alertpay account but only with phone validation.I can’t verify with payoneer card i thought alertpay required some money to verify credit card so i tried to add amount from 1$ to 2& at last i see the message that you can’t add credit card its blocked.I also tried to apply for alertpay debit card but i have money less then 10$ in my payoneer card and also first name and last name is disabled in alertpay debit card order form.Help me what should i do to withdraw cash from alertpay.

  58. Khawer Khan says:

    I tried to order Payza debit card but cannot edit first name and last name in order form red round circle is appearing on name and second i have money in Payza account but i don’t have enough money to pay from payoneer card for Payza debit card.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You cannot edit your name once you open account so you have to open new account. I can’t understand the second question.

  59. amir maqbool says:

    Dear mohsin ali
    Mohsin bhai mene alerpay ka account bna liya he ab me kya prepaid debit card ka order kr skta ho ya nae or alertpay account mey balance $0.0 nae he debit card order krne k liya alertpay bank account mey kitney dollars hone chai.

  60. Abdul Qayum says:

    Salam Mohsin Brother,

    Sorry for bothering you again.
    Debit card method doesn’t work with me.

    My question is how can i withdraw from payza?
    I have above $200 in my account, So can I withdraw money through bank wire transfer?
    What’s is the procedure for bank wire transfer in Pakistan.


    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Abdul Qayum its better that you order Payza Debit card rather than wire transfer because it will benefit you in future as well.

  61. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Zahir merey khayal main aap ne Ticket sahey submit naheen kiya warna 2 se 4 din main jawab a jata hey. Galti aap ki thi key ap ne bageer bank account key amount kyun bhejey.

  62. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Amir PIN code 4 digits ka huta hey aur koi se 4 number enter kar du.

  63. amir says:

    Dear Mohsin bhai
    Mohsin bhai mene alertpay mey suigas bill ka adders deya he lekin is adders mey one word ki mistak thi jo bill walo ne ki he wo mene theek kr k account bna leya he is mey koi problem to nai he.

  64. Qaiser Ahsan says:

    Mohsine bahi, Assalam o alkum and its very interseting for me.
    I have one question regarding the documents.
    Q: I m living in Forces Colony and in these colony there is no address on utility bills so how can i post my utility bill.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Qaiser you can also try your post-paid mobile bill or try to use your relative utility bill but in this case you will also need ID copy of that person too.

  65. Zohaib Munir says:

    1. How can I withdraw Payza dollars from pakistani ATM machine as Pakistani ATM’s have money in Pakistani Rs?

    2. Payza Prepaid Card working on any Bank’s ATM?

    3. How much time ATM machine will take to withdraw payza dollars in Pakistan?

    4. Can VISA or Master Card Both Supported In Pakistan???

    5. 1 and last question Mohsin Bhai Kia mije bank se payza account verify karwana parey gah agar mein debit card order kar dun payza ka to???

    Waiting for your sweet response.

    Best Regards,
    ZohaiB Munir

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Zohaib its very easy to get your Payza card and use it in Pakistan.

      Let me tell you the procedure.

      Suppose you have $100 in your account and you want to withdraw money than you have to exchange the amount like this 100*92=9200

      Now you also make sure that your account as $3 in it which is the ATM withdrawal fee.

      So you have to withdraw $97 instead of $100.

      Now 97*92=8942

      And you know that you can only withdraw amount from ATM into denomination of 500 only so just enter 8500 amount and your money will be processed like any other local bank card transaction.

      I hope this will clear all your issues.

  66. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Well Taimoor i have no idea about this one.

  67. totoro says:

    now the REAL question :
    did SOMEONE get a Payza card in his OWN HANDS ? and can post picture/proof ?
    Because I can’t find a SINGLE person on the www who actually has this card. Sure they send nice “shipments” emails, but nothing else. And they did the same with alertpay previous years already, you are waiting MONTHS, and when you’re fed up and ask what’s going on, they cancel your card (who never existed in the first place)

  68. Fali says:

    Dear Mohsin,
    Can I load my Payza account by Wire Transfer with my Allied bank rupee Account. Some people have discussed this on their blogs that foreign currency account is necessary for sending money via wire transfer.
    Thank you

  69. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Qaiser you only need to provide your Nadra ID card and utility bill scan copy. Nothing else is required except $20 for one time card fee.

  70. Irfan Hashmi says:

    Dear Friend Mohsin Ali Waheed how are you ?
    i just want to know how many alert pay account can load a prepaid debit card?
    Thanks i am waiting your reply…..

  71. faisa says:

    sir g, mera pass abhe $2 han account me, me ne phle alert pay card k liye registration kra leh the, ab woh option nahe deh rha, wat to do now

  72. Omar says:

    i recently creatd the Alertpay Payaza account. i dnt knw how to veirfy the account n deposit the money… n upper given photos didnt match to payaza accout?? plz help me out em wiating…. :(

  73. Omar says:

    to send money order is very expensive in Pakistan because you need to have $ account to send money order from Pakistan to alertpay…. Is this possible that anyone send me dollar to my alertpay account n i can proceed further???
    i read the artical on google that send us amount through easypaisa and then we will send u dollar in your Alertpay account?? is this posible or scam em confused?? :(

  74. Omar says:

    Mohsin bhai can u contact me???

    Mobile # 0322-4348080
    Email Address: [email protected]

  75. Omar says:

    and how can i deposit money in Alertpay Account???

  76. zeeshan says:

    Dear brother thank you for educating us about alert pay i want to get alert pay debit card you told that scan id card copy and electricity bill copy are require. Don’t you not think is there any risk with scan id copy and electricity bill i want to say that if due to hacking our scan id copy can be misused please help me thanks.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Zeeshan simply cross your ID and write “only for payza” on it and it will not be misused. You don’t need to cross bill copy.

  77. zeeshan says:

    please tell in pakistan alertpay account can be veryfied or not i want to purchase online and you know verfy alertpay account is necessary please help me thanks

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Zeeshan just order your Payza prepaid card which is available without verifying your account.

  78. zeeshan says:

    please also tell me can veryfy my alertpay account by using my standard charter bank account i have no credit card and i have no virtual credit card how i get virtual credit card also tell me when i veryfy my bank account i can not see pakistan country please tell how i veryfy my bank accounts thanks to spend your time on me

  79. rehman says:

    salam bhai
    bhai mra HBL ka account ha kia me HBL k credit cards sy payza pe paisay load kr skta hu piz help me

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Rehman aap HBL credit card se Payza account verify kar sakty hain aur pher amount Payza acount main transfer kat satkey ahin. Pher aap amount Payza main account se Card main load kar saktey hain.

    • rehman says:

      salam bhai
      bhai me HBL ka card add kr rha hu card add ti hu gea ha but jb validate card pe click krta hu to option ata ha k You cannot validate your credit card at this time. Please contact Customer Support for more information. bhai abi kia kro.

      • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

        Rehman contact your local HBL branch and ask them to activate your card for foreign transactions.

  80. Tahir says:

    Dear Mohsin!
    First of all I am very thankful to you for such a nice information sharing.
    I have only three questions
    1. If i have $6000 in my payza account how can I withdraw it by payza card and what is the limit of that card.
    2. If I want to withdraw huge amount from payza account what procedure I have to adopt, if I have my payza card also. I have an account in HBL Islamabad.
    3. Please tel me per transaction charges of payza card by ATM.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Tahir you cannot withdraw $6000 from Payza card because its life time limit is $5000 only. ATM transaction fee is just $3.

  81. Amir says:

    bhai Alertpay reverse ho jata hai
    is ko kaisay roka ja sakta hai .matlab jab AP account main ajaen to reverse na hon thanks

  82. Raja Bilal says:

    My Name Is ”Muhammad Bilal Akbar”, I Live In Karachi.
    For Which I Pre-Registered A Long Time Ago But Did Not Got
    Any Response or Any Email From PAYZA, I Just Wanna Know
    That If They Will Be Available Soon Or Not & How Can I Fill Out A Complete
    Resgistration Form For That,I Hope ”Mohsin Ali Waheed” Brother U Will Help Me Answer
    All Of My Questions SOON, I’ll Really Appreciate It If U Do That Soon
    And Please tell me how to Order it Now So I Can Get It Soon, I Can’t
    Find The Registration Option on the PAYZA Website,Where I Can Submit The Required Documents, PAYZA tells that they will send a email containing the Link for that Purpose But Neither I’ve Received
    Any Email Which Will Provide Me The Link For That So Please Help Me out.
    I Shall Be Very Gratefull!

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Bilal first of all you need atleast $20 dollars in your account so that they can send you registration link. if you already have money in your account than contact Payza Support and send them email to send you link. They will send you link and than signup.

  83. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Nouman you can withdraw money from Payza card as you withdraw from local bank ATM card. You have to order card by contacting Payza support.

  84. Raja Bilal says:

    Mr. Mohsin Ali Withall Do Respect Sir I Know That The PAYZA Card Cost 20$ & But My Question Was That Why I M Not Getting The Email For The Prepaid Card Ordering Link,Same Thing Is Happeneing To A Friend Of Mine. They Just Sent Us An Automated Email, Which Says That U Will Be Notify When More Cards Will Be Available For Your Country! So I’m Asking That When & If More Cards Will Be Available For Pakistan, Do U Have A Clue For That Mr Expert :-)! Because I’m Not Getting Any Response From PAYZA :-(

  85. Raja Bilal says:

    Well Thank U! Very Much Mr. Mohsin Ali Waheed
    That Preety Much Answers My Questions!
    Now If U Can Recommened Another Mehtod Of Withdrawing Money
    From ”PAYZA” in ”Pakistan” Which Is Not Very Costly Per Transection!
    Then I Would Appreciate It. What Are Your Thoughts From ”PAYZA To
    STANDARD CHARTERED VISA Debit Card” Do U Think Its Possible & How Much It Costs On Every Transection :-)

  86. Raja Bilal says:

    Dear Mohsin Bhai!
    Question: I Have Alertpay Personal Starter Account Which Is At The Moment ”UN-VERIFIED”. Do U Think Its Necessary To Get It Verified
    If I Need To Order My ”PAYZA PRE-PAID” Card?

  87. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Bilkul kar saktey hu, SCB visa debit card activate hutey hi aap payment withdraw kar saktey hu.

  88. Tariq says:

    Hello Mohsin Brother, I need some information. I have Alertpay Prepaid Debit Card, I want to pay in online internet stores, when I order for the product, it passes through verification process, they don’t accept my payment. But it is clearly mentioned in Payza website that card can be used to pay online. But why I am unable to pay? What I have to do to pay over the internet which accept visa payments? Thank you.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Yes you are right Payza fully support 2CO but i think you are facing some other issue because i use this card on 2Co without any problem. Make sure that you have extra amount other than the payment you are going to pay.

      • Tariq says:

        Thank you for your response. I think I got the problem. During the payment, I entered incomplete home address, that is why they declined me, I sent support ticket, they told me that verification didn’t remain successful. Next time I paid again with complete address, they again refunded my amount, I sent ticket, they told me that seller has declined to accept the payment. This time they didn’t tell me that verification was unsuccessful, but told me that seller declined to accept the payment. Although I was unable to get the service this time too, but I am a little bit relaxed, but not fully satisfied. I am not sure whether I got the right solution of my problem or my judgement was wrong. What do you say?

    • Masud says:

      dear tariq kiase ho ap ?
      I read your problem. and me to facing this problem that can i use my “AlertPay Debit card” as a purchasing online any this for example any software. plez reply me ap ka kia bana ?

  89. Mr Farhan says:

    Assalamo Alaikum Sir,
    Kiya haal hai ap ka Sir, Ap sai pochna thaa kai mai nai Alertpay kai account ko SCBank sai Attach krna thaa. mai nai uss ko Attach to kr diya hai. Alertpay ki taraf sai email b a giya hai kai aap ka attach ho giya hai But maray SCBank account mai koi email nhi i Alertpay ki taraf sai kai aap ka account Attach ho giya hai.Kindly aap iss kai baray mai kch btiya kiya kro Next procedure.
    Kiya meara account Attach ho giya hai k Nhi.
    Thanks Sir.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Farhan SCB main transaction 2 se 4 business days letey hey.

      • Zahir Shah says:

        Salam Mohsin bhai main nai apny Payza account say 100$ bank wire k zarya apny SCB bank account main transfer karny ki koshish ki mager transfer nahe huway or mary SCB main 2 account hai aik account Rupay main hai or dosra account Dollar main hai or payza walo nai bankwire chargs 15$ b kat dia or aik month baad mary 85$ mary payza account main wapes bhej dia or kaha k ya account invalid hai bhai koi tarika batao ta k main 85$ apny SCB dollar account main transfer kar sakon.bhai Urdu main jawab dain.Shukriya

  90. Aine says:

    Hello Mr.Mohsin,
    Plz tell me about EgoPay,
    Liberty Reserve,
    Perfect Money,
    which one is best and available for Pakistani’s users?
    Can we transfer money from those payment processors to
    If yes then how?
    plz confirm!

  91. masud says:

    dear Mohsin bhai
    i heard latest news that…PAYZA does not working longer as a payment processors due to introduction a new site “EGOPAY .COM” to payment. Mohin bhai is k bare me plez zara detail se batna kio k ya sab ko problem hone wala ha.. i am waint ur answer .masud…

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      At this time Payza is working fine for me but i cannot predict that what will happen in future.

    • Tariq says:

      Hello Masud, Tariq here. You seems somehow correct. Currently, Payza is not allowing their customers to generate “buy now” or “checkout buttons” for new websites. Instead, they reply that you should go to egopay to use “buy now” or “checkout buttons”. According to me, there are many reasons behind that, the most important of them are: egopay has fee $0.5+%age tax per transaction in business profile, while Payza was having $0.25+%age tax per transaction, so we can say that they developed egopay to increase their rates, and the other reason is the elimination of resolution center. According to Payza, Egopay is the authorized exchanger only, but according to me, it is another copy of payza, this egopay was created by Payza itself, this was not developed for currency exchange, they are just making people fool. Masud, I will not suggest you to have much amount in Payza account because its future looks dangerous to me. I am not confirmed but they are looking to commit a big scam of billions or trillions of dollars of innocent people. Payza is going to end very soon according to me. So I would suggest you to withdraw your money as soon as possible.

  92. Umar Saleem says:

    Dear Mohsin
    Can you please tell me which card is better PAYZA or SOLID TRUST PAY.
    I want to order one of them

  93. Naveed Haider says:

    Sir i have 1 Question
    What is the Maximum amount withdraw per transaction and max Transaction limit per day in Payza Visa Prepaid Card.

  94. ali raza says:

    assalam u alaikum.thankyou for providing valuable info sir.I have a little problem and I think I can share it with you since you,re the one who understands these things.I applied for the payza pre paid card.I was informed by payza via Email that my card has been shipped on 10th of february 2012.but until now I have not received my card yet.I submitted 2 tickets regarding this matter. somebody advised me to contact my local post office as it might be held there.I did ,but they asked me to provide any shipping or registry details which I dont have neither payza provided me anything. can you please tell me what should I do now ? I,ll be greatful if I can use any of your help.thankyou

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Wsalam Raza

      First of all you its too late now and the maximum days it should take are 60 days. Now make sure that your home address in payza account is 100% correct and Full with all details and ask your local post office post-man to see your address and tell you that its correct or not. Mainly its a problem in our country post because lots of my friends have got cards in last month so its mean that there is no problem from Payza side.


  95. Fraz says:

    AOA Mohsin,
    I ordered my card on 18th June but still haven’t gotten it. Any ideas?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      In which city you have ordered the card. It may take upto 60 days. Also make sure that your home address is 100% correct.

  96. haider says:

    hi brother

    kiya es say ab august main cashout ker saktay hain ya waste of money hai

    app ko electricity bill chahiye

  97. M.Faisal says:

    hello sir it is necessary that we must have an account in pakistan for ordering payza card…like you said in very first step that you have to deposit your money in payza for verification..???

  98. Zohaib Munir says:

    Salaams Mohsin Bahi

    How are you? Hope You are doing good. Mohsin bahi my mind. When I will order the Pyaza debit card. What documents they will required!

    My question is I have a different address on my nadra id card! And where I am living now is different. so is there a conflicting if I dnt have the same address as on my id card! My home address and the address on electricity bills is same?????? this question is very confusing me plz help!

    Answer my both question Mohsin bhai I will be really great full to you!

    Thank You


    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Zohaib your documents are correct, just apply now and make sure that the address on the utility bill is the same as mention your Payza account. If not than first change the address in Payza account than apply.

      ID card is only used to verify your identity not your address.

  99. Fraz says:

    Its been more than 8 weeks now and still haven’t gotten it.

  100. Masud says:

    Mohsib bhai I want to verified my Payza A/c through “Alertpay prepaid debit card” but problem is that i am living in rented house and my Nadra ID card adress is not match with the rented house Elect. bill address. In this situation can i apply for Alertlpay p debit card.

  101. marco says:

    Somebody knows, if I can receive money directly to my Alertpay prepaid card? I want to withdraw some money from solid trust pay and they have the option of withdraw to a credit card, Does anyone know if this is possible, receive money in this card? anyone knows?

  102. Masud says:

    Thanks mohsin bhai 4 quick reply
    The fee for Alert pay debit cart is $20. How I send $20 to conform my order for AlertPay p D card. The term “E Wallet” is use for this purpose, plez tell me what is this?
    After getting my A Pay debit card can i use is as purchasing online for example any software etc…

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      E Wallet means from your Payza account only.

      You can use your card to purchase web-hosting, software, online shopping and much more.

  103. Fraz says:


    Is Wire Withdrawal working for pakistan for payza?

  104. Zohaib Munir says:

    Thank you Mohsin Bhai :) Thank yew OS much for such a nice Help :)

  105. Masud says:

    Dear Mohsin
    can i deposit extra amount to verify my Payza account through to use”Bank Wire” option. ($20+$$$)

  106. Masud says:

    dear mohsin
    i deposit some amount in local bank for verifying my “Pazya Account ” on Dated 10-09-2012. I want to ask to you that do more any thing or still wait and my P Account will verified automated.

  107. Muhammad Farooq says:

    Asslamo Alaikum Sir
    Sir I want to ask that we know we can withdraw from payza through SCB debit card but my question is that can we withdraw through any other other bank debit card available in Pakistan as SCB is not opening A/C easily and theirs branches are also not available in all country if yes kindly specify other banks thanks in advance

  108. Syed Ayaz says:

    i sell 100 $ payza, if anyone interested so contact 03002467512

  109. kamaran khan says:

    dear sir,salam
    nice help u to pakistani people Allah success u always ameen
    sir my question is how to send money prepaid alertpay card to withdraw money to atm machine ?????
    i mean to say for example my payza account balance is $200 dollar so how to add money to prepaid alertpay card to withdraw atm machine ?????
    i hope u undastand my question ……….thx

  110. Zahir Shah says:

    Salam,Mohsin bhai ap nai mare baat ka jawab nahe dia k main k say payza account say apny SCB account main dollar transfer kar sakta hon or main k say payza account main apny SCB account k0 add karon or muj ko kis tarha pata chaly ga k mara SCB account payza account main add ho gaya hai.bhai urdu main jawab dain.Shukriya

  111. Wasim Abbas says:

    Mohsin Bhai! Why don’t you change (update) the name of AlertPay? As it has been sold to MHPillar Company and it is now Payza. Actually it feels a bit ……….. for those who get to know with AlertPay after converting in Payza. I think this will help new members.

    And is there any other bank in Pakistan (like SCB) which is international?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Wasim this article is old so that is why you will find Alertpay here otherwise in all my new article you will only find Payza.

      Other international banks include Barcleyes, hsbc bank, barclays bank and Citi bank.

  112. $mas$ says:

    Dear Mohsin.
    I want to ask that i have account in “Al Habib Bank Limmited” & also have “visa Debit ATM card” so i want to verify my Payza account. For verifying my Payza a/c i use option “Bank Wire” after complete the payza process i went to local AHBL bank but they refusing me to deposit my fund to Payza company due to bank policy… now what i do for this thx for helping..

  113. imran ansari says:

    Bhai salam,
    please guide me that if i have 100 dollars in my solidtrustpay account then how can i withdraw in pakistan ,i have also payza and STP verified accounts,

  114. Arslan says:

    i applied for payza card in 7 nov, today is 28 nov but i not received any confirmation mail from payza. mohsin bhai when i rec my card ?

  115. Khadim Hussain says:

    Mohsin Bhai, As you know Solid Trust Pay is creating problem now a days, like “Country Blocked”. If you have any solution of this problem please tell me, my 698 dollars stuck in STP account. Please help me.

  116. masudahmed says:

    dear Mohsin bhai can i apply Payza d card in those day ? Pleaz tell me as soon as possible. thax…….

  117. Ali Raza says:

    salam mohsin sahab ! I am so happy to finally have my payza pre paid card. first one was lost during shippment and now payza have re issued a new one .I got it and activated it. now I have about 130 dollars that I have loaded on my card from my payza account and I wish to withdraw them via ATM. but dont know how to use it and hoe to enter the amount there .either in dollars or PKR .I saw your post mensioning that some of the funds should be spared on card in order to keep it functioning correctly before withdrawing .plz tell me about this matter.I shall be greatly thankful for any help I can use from you .

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Ali Raza your ATM card will work normally as your Pakistani ATM card. You have to give the amount in rupees rather than dollars.

      Payza will charge $3 ATM transaction fee from your card so you need to withdraw 127 dollars only. e.g 127*96= 12192 so its better to withdraw 12000 rupees.

  118. boy123 says:

    mohsin bhai

    i used my card at an atm. The atm is showing the balance in canadian dollars. i tried entering amounts in pak rupee (less than the amount in account) but it didnt work. it kept saying insufficient balance and kept charging decline fee

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Who says you to order Canadian prepaid Payza Card. Its clearly mention in the article that you have to order USD Prepaid Card.

  119. Wasim Abbas says:

    Mohsin Bhai! You stated in your article that there is only one method to get Payza verified in Pakistan and i.e by depositing money through your local bank?

    I opened a Payza account few weeks back and linked it up with my Standard Chartered Bank’s VISA Debit Card SUCCESSFULLY (I say again VISA DEBIT CARD).

    I did it with “Charged Method”, nothing was went out of my pocket. To complete the verification process, they charged my card with $1.63 which was transferred to my Payza account.

    (Though I have not yet cashed out through my DEBIT CARD of SCB, but it is certain that if they can charge my to verify the Card & Account, then they will definitely pay me through my card, isn’t it?)

    So, I think, there is another way in Pakistan to get our Payza account Verified.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Wasim this article is very old and I have already share another free fresh method of verifying Payza account.

  120. Muhammad Farooq says:

    I got my payza debit card ,activitaed and loaded with $48 successfully I went for withdrawal through ATM I tried for 2 time for Rs 4000 but I can,t withdrawal and ATM displaying a message ‘General Processing error’ Kindly advise me about this problem

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Farooq first of all make sure that you use 1-Link ATM with Visa logo only. Second thing is that every time you insert your card for transaction $3 are deducted from your account so try to withdraw less money may be Rupees 3000 only.

  121. Wajeeh says:

    AoA Mohsin,
    I have my USD payza prepaid card and I have loaded 167$ on it. Now I want to withdraw it. I tried using it in HBL H-12 branch’s atm but I received general card error. What do you think is the cause? Perhaps it doesn’t work with HBL or what?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Wajeeh try to withdraw less money. Lots of people complain about this problem but there is nothing wrong with the card. The problem is on our side that we try to withdraw too much money by wrongly calculate the exchange rate. First try with 90 dollars exchange rate and if also does not work than go for 86 dollars.

      • Wajeeh says:

        Okay, I’ll try less money next time. And another detail, this might help you understanding my situation better, even when I try the balance inquiry option, I still get the same error.

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Wajeeh I don’t know about HBL but please before using any ATM make sure that it has VISA logo and mostly 1-link ATM are capable of this.

  122. seher says:

    Mohsin bhai,I am also getting the same “General processing Error” when i insert payza prepaid card in ATM.I have 160 $ in that,and i try to withdraw 10000 only.How i can know that ATM has a visa logo? can you tell in detail.Which ATM i should try

  123. zain says:

    I have also got a card and after loading fund,I tried it on My city local ATM’s Like Alfalah,Askri,MCB,Habib, bank Islami……….but everywhere it has given general processing error. even I can’t check account balance………….

    I can’t understand how to find a VISA Logo on ATM…………..I have tried it on ATM’s where 1-link was written..but no transaction occured……Can you mention the details about VISA LOGO ATM and which bank?

  124. zain says:

    Finally,I got my payza card working and today I withdrawn 10000 pkr. I had 124$ in my payza card….All ATM machines ,Allied bank,Alfalah,Askri,Habib bank,MCB bank with 1-link LOGO and VISA logo failed the transaction…some gievn “General Processing Error” and few said “Can’t process your transaction”

    Then I went to UBL ATM…..1-link….and checked my account balance….It shown my account balance in Dollars..124.
    Then I enetered 10000 to withdraw…..After deducting a total fee of 3.2$… 10000 rupees were withdrawn….I am successful finally….Then I checked my payza card balance on payza website and found 18.91 $ still there….It means only 3-4 $ are deducted while withdrawing RS 10000 from Payza Prepaid card…If anyone need guidence ,I am happy to provide.

  125. Moonis says:

    Dear Mohsin

    I have ordered my Payza debit card in Nov 2012. They shipped it on Nov 30th 2012. But Iam still waiting for it. I mailed them and they said its been lost in transit. I told them to send me again, and they said they will , but when they cant tell. Is there another safe and confirmed delivery system through which card can be delivered, cuz their normal delivery takes upto 8 weeks and after that u have to order again.
    Please reply

  126. Muhammad Khubaib says:

    Dear Mohsin

    Please tell me that where located the order of Payza debit or visa card on payza account. I cant see the order…?
    Please tell me.

  127. Abdul samad says:

    slam mohsin bhai..!!!
    i read out your article its a nice work and too much informatic.
    my question is if i use the bank wire process to withdraw money from the payza accout then the account must be in dollars?
    and one more thing is that account holder name must be same in payza account and bank account.??

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