Almost every blogger face this problem that he or she write ordinary content initially but after some time when their blog get popular they realize that the initial posts are taking down the value of their blog. Also when you write so many articles your old posts tends to hide some where in your blog. So its important that you take a look at your old articles and re-polish them for future.

Promote your old Blog Posts
1. Improve on Page SEO.

First thing you should do is to improve on page SEO like checking posts of keyword stuffing, Title, Description, Keywords, Internal linking etc. I am sure that you have already done this in your posts but the thing is that now Google changes its algorithms on monthly bases so its very much possible that the article which was safe at that time is dangerous for blog now specially after Google Penguin Update. If your blog is effected by this update than you can read my article on 6 Killer Tips to Recover from Google Penguin Effect Quickly.

2. Share it on Social Bookmarking sites.

Yes this happens to me that lots of my articles was not being shred on social networking sites and as a result they go no traffic at all. Lots of my blog articles have zero social value which is really cruel now a days. Do share them again with your friends and blog fans in order to get some sort of juice from it.

3. Improve Internal Linking.

This is very much possible that your initial article have got very little or no internal linking due to the lack of blog articles. But now that your blog has lots of posts just again internal related articles for maximum benefit.

4. Republish Posts.

Well sounds crazy but lots of bloggers doing this and they are successful in it. The main problem in this technique is that if you publish dates in your posts than you cannot do this because when you republish your posts than people will instantly know that this is an old article. So if your blog has permalink structure which don’t display date than this tip is for you.

5. Ask for Comments.

You may be wonder when you see your old posts with zero comments. Its just looks unprofessional that a posts has zero comments. So ask your friends to comment on your old posts.

Another great tip is that you can stick your old article in WordPress very easily. This way when you leave comment on commentluv enabled blogs than your stick article link will appear and hence you get back-link and traffic.

6. Combine Posts.

Lots of time we write many posts with different titles but with same concept which is not a good thing to do. So its better to combine these posts and make a huge new post so that users don’t have to go here and there for extra information. You can delete or no-follow your older posts in order to prevent duplication.