Google, one of the most popular search engines is also becoming powerful with a mission to fight against spammy websites. Webmasters rush to rank their website as the No:1 in search results without giving a little thought about the means to achieve a good website ranking. To curb some of the practices like duplicate or redundant content, Google came up with the Google Panda algorithm which identifies if a website has low quality content or copied content from other websites and penalized the webmaster for not abiding by its web guidelines. Further to this Google came up with an algorithm change and launched the Google Penguin Update recently to stop web spam, keyword stuffing, over optimization and other Black hat methods. There are no human interferences, rather when there is a spam, penguin finds it and a penalty is applied automatically.

Google Penguin Update or effect
If you think your website has a poor ranking and traffic has declined, quickly find out if penguin update has hit your website. Read through this article on how to recover from a google penguin effect and adopt ethical white hat seo methods to naturally link to your website.

1. Same Anchor text in Backlinks:

Whether you have a web page or a blog, make the effective use of related keywords. Avoid adding unnecessary keywords that do not relate to your webpage. Use the comment section in a blog to genuinely write your views and avoid adding exact match anchor text to backlink to your website. A penalty is levied on webmaster or blogger who use this Black hat seo technique. Instead of the keyword, you can use its synonyms and add them as keywords.

2. Keyword Stuffing:

Wait before moving on to next paragraph please read this carefully. I know you may be wondering that i have never done keyword stuffing in my blog and i always kept an eye on it but let me tell you that if your blog is hit by this update than you have to consider this seriously. Try to low down the keyword density from 3-4% to 1% only. I know its very difficult to check each and every article but you can start with the most popular articles of your blog. This is a very painful step and the crawl part is that its not going to change your blogs value quickly infect it will take time perhaps more than a month for search engines to consider your blog again.

3. Your website is a secure website:

If your website has pages that can transmit a virus, Trojan or spywares, or just a page for seo purposes, then you sure to get a penalty from the penguin update. You will get an alert notification for spamming from Google webmaster central to rectify your spams. Focus on your website having trusted and secure information.

4. Valuable content:

Google wants to make available useful and valuable information for its people worldwide. If you have copied content on your website, it means you have not followed the guidelines for search results and chances for your website to be hit by the Google Panda effect. Original and fresh content shall give you a better ranking. For guest bloggers who contribute articles should always provide articles to quality websites.

So to remove this problem you have to point out the articles in your blog which are of low quality. You can set standards like posts which are less than 500 words, Posts with no comments at all or which add no value to your blog should be deleted immediately. One thing you can do instead of deleting articles is that you can set them Noindex and Nofollow with the help of Robots Meta or Yoast plugin. This way you will not get 404 errors otherwise this will be another problem for you.

5. Cloaking:

You probably would have used cloaking to hide the codes of your webpage from your visitors and brought up two different pages altogether for them and search engines. So search engines don’t see the normal pages and visitors don’t see the page created for seo. Google considers the cloaking activity as unethical. Strive to make both the pages same and prevent your page ranking getting poor. Its better that you remove these pages immediately and wait for the next update.

6. Purchased links to enhance ranking:

If you have tried to enhance your website ranking by purchasing links from other websites with a matching anchor text, you have to stop this manipulation. Google shall demote your ranking and give a penalty.

Google intends to wipe out webspam completely by bringing in machine made algorithms and give a thumbs-up to people who use White-hat seo technique to promote their website on the search engine. If you run a website or a blog, use the analytics tool to monitor your traffic. When there seems to be a variation between weeks, you need a rescue from the Google Penguin update. Address the spam which has been flagged by Google. If the update has in anyway hit you wrongly, use this feedback form or the google’s webmaster forum to explain the quality of your site. Whether you are affected by the Penguin update or not, ensure that you follow the Google webmaster guidelines and adopt the White hat seo techniques to attract visitors to your website.