Google Panda change the way we business online and no one can forget the 24 February 2011 date when Google Panda was launched. Its the new algorithm which filters the content in Google search engines for quality. Year ago the main problem in search results was duplicate content produce by spammers but now after one year we have seen lots of changes and new sites have come to the scene very quickly. Many gurus are saying that Panda likes fresh content and that’s why lots of old website have seeing a high traffic drop. After Panda Update 3.3 Google is now rolling out its link evaluation signal that they have been using over the years to rank websites.

google panda update 3.3

Panda Timeline.

Google releases Panda 1.0 on 24 February 2011 which was a killer for low quality website with thousands of useless pages. Than in April 11 2011 Panda 2.0 was release and this time it effects the 2% of the total search queries. After that all other updates are the minor updates but still many websites are effected by these updates.

What makes your Site Vulnerable.

First and most important thing which makes your site vulnerable is low quality content. If you are hit Panda update than you should immediately remove all low quality content from your blog. Second thing you should consider is creating high quality inbound links and keep in mind that here quality is mater rather than quantity.

Google now considering many more factors how much time does your website visitors spent on individual pages or on a whole on your blog. Don’t try to publish same content over and over again on your site.

How to recover from Google Panda Effect.

If your blog bounce rate is also too high than your blog is also in danger. Try to use related posts plugin and highlight the main articles on your blog in the sidebar permanently. I have also write a detailed post on How to Recover from Google Panda Effect.

Try to remove irrelevant ads on your blog and use less advertisements as possible. Many bloggers use related tags or Tag cloud in there website which is declared keyword stuffing by Google.

Don’t try to fool Google by changing the Title and content of any article. If you do so than your blog is in high danger. Don’t try to use same keywords over and over again i your articles and write in a natural way.

New Link Building Rules.

If you build too many irrelevant, low quality back-links in no time than you are inviting Google to ban your site. Gone are the days when quantity was matter but now all matters is quality of back-links.

Don’t ever use same anchor text in all your links instead use different anchor text every-time you create back-link.

Guest posting is very popular now a days but if you are submitting your posts on irrelevant sites than you are wasting your time. Try to submit posts only on site related to your blog niche.

Links Building tricks that still works.

Legal link building ways are Link Baiting, Links from Highly relevant directories, Sponsor charities, contests, email link building and via some resource or tool. Don’t try to create backlink via spreading free themes or in low level websites. Just be natural and more emphasis on content rather than link building.