How to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog – Top Secrets Revealed

Alexa is one of the many ways to evaluate the traffic of any blog or website and mainly used by advertisers. But now a days there is a buzz going on between bloggers to compete each other according to Alexa Rank. Amazingly some bloggers easily achieve high Alexa Rank with low traffic and some times it looks like that its rankings are not 100% authentic. Although its rankings are not directly propositional to your blog traffic but still they can give you some idea of how well is your website doing.


How Alexa Rank Works.

Before we move onto the top secret points of how to increase Alexa rank of your blog this is important that we understand how Alexa Rank works. Here is what they say.

The Alexa Traffic Rank is calculated after collecting aggregated data from Alexa Toolbar users over the period of three months. The metric combines the amount of page views and user traffic. Traffic and page views are calculated per day, and then calculated from the average of these two numbers after time.

If you are still  confused with Page views and user traffic than read my detailed article on Difference Between Hits, Page Impressions, Visits and Unique Visits.

Top Secrets to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog.


1. Install Alexa Tool Bar on your Computer.

Go to the Alexa website now and install the toolbar without wasting any time. This is the most easiest thing you can do in order to boost your rank. Also make sure you visit your own blog more frequently in a day via this toolbar.

2. Install Alexa Widget on your blog.

Placing an Alexa Widget on your blog also help them to track your blog traffic. Its not a difficult thing to do, just visit their website, signup for a free account and grab your widget.

3. Claim your site on Alexa.

Its better to claim your blog with keywords related to your blog niche. Claiming helps them to track your blog better and hence increases your site rank.

4. Bring Traffic from Facebook and webmasters Forums.

Its a myth that if you get more traffic from Facebook than your Alexa Rank will improve. Well personally i think that it works and when ever my blog gets traffic from Facebook my rank improves. Also try to be active on webmaster forums as these forums are mostly visited by bloggers and they often have Alexa toolbar installed into their systems.

5. Update your blog daily on same Time.

Try to update your blog daily and i know its very difficult but not that difficult if your blog is about technology or news related. Also publish your posts on same time.

6. Ask your friends to review your blog on Alexa.

Its generally a good idea to ask you friends to leave a good quick review of your blog on Alexa.

7. Ask you blog visitors to install Alexa Toolbar.

Its very difficult to ask your visitors to do this but if they can than its a good boost for your rank.

8. Post daily at 12 Mid Night.

Believe it or not posting 11:59 PM Mid Night helps you rank better. If you have not try this yet than try it for yourself and see the dramatic result.

9. Submit your posts to Social media sites.

Some bloggers are very lazy when it comes to submitting their posts to social media websites. Try to submit your posts to as many social media sites as possible.

10. Attract more bloggers and webmasters to your blog.

Why? because most of the bloggers have installed Alexa toolbar into their system and when they visit your blog its another boost for your rankings.

11. Leave Comment on websites which rank higher in Alexa.

Search for blogs related to your blog niche and among all these website search for blogs which already ranked higher on Alexa. Try to visit these blogs daily and leave comment.

Ask Alexa Rank Gurus.

If you already have applied these tips on your blog and still don’t get the results than i can tell you about two Gurus from Pakistan and India which are master in getting traffic and increasing Alexa Rank.

ammar ali amit shaw alexa stats

Contact Gurus via Facebook:

Ammar Ali  of       Amit Shaw of

  1. adeem says:

    thanxx for the wonderful tips. keep up the good work.

  2. warren says:

    wow…thanks pal, these TIPS is AWESOME!

  3. Waleed Ahmad says:

    Amazing article , Mohsin Bhai , i follow your steps its really mind blowing , but i need little help About Google Adsense , 2 years later i have banned two times on Google adsense at that time my age was 16 years and i used wronge name walid ahmad instead of waleed ahmad . Now i have published new blog did google will approve me on this blog after 6 months and did they will pay me . Or i should apply for other cpc networks

  4. Hi Moshin Ali,
    great tips, thanks for sharing.

    I could add that in order to increase your Alexa Rank,
    you should write content related to webmasters : most of the webmasters use the Alexa toolbar. So if you want them to visit your site and increase your Alexa ranking, then you may write useful articles related to SEO, Internet Marketing or webmaster tools.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Erik you are absolutely right, i have seen many blogs related to blogging, SEO etc ranked higher in Alexa while they have very little traffic.

  5. Sohail says:

    I am already following this secret except no 08.

  6. Aasalamwalekum bro,
    Such a marvelous content it is!
    I liked it and i am agree with your 8th point (8. Post daily at 12 Mid Night.),
    It really works better, as i am using my hostel Wi-Fi and usually it doesn’t work between 8 Pm to 11:15 Pm (India Time) then i posted either about mid night or early in the morning and i observed that day my alexa decreased about 10,000 to 12,000.

    Nice to see both Alexa Gurus on your site. As Ammar is already in your list of best PAKI bloggers .

    Congratulations to both of them.

    Thank you for sharing knowledge with us :)

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Wsalam Avinash

      Quite a few bloggers now confirm this that posting at mid night helps improving Alexa rank.
      Ammar is everywhere in fact he is in all my lists right now.

      Thanks for your visit.

      • Ammar Ali says:

        Good to hear that Mohsin :)

        The main secret behind boosting alexa ranking is Posting Timing, Frequency.
        Along with this placing alexa widget, asking your friends to write a review for your site and offering alexa toolbar also help you to boost alexa ranking fast !!
        I appreciate your article Mohsin. Keep up the good work ;)

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Thanks Ammar for your comment and your tips will surly help young bloggers. BTW at the moment you are in my all lists i don’t know why?

  7. Amit Shaw says:

    OMG Alexa Guru?
    BTW Thanks for Featuring My Name Mohsin. First of all you have already mentioned some superb Points over here. Yeah I am agree with your all points. Dialy updates and timely updates plays a vital role to get good alexa rank. But its depneds oN Niche. Because getting good alexa rank on Blogging or IM Niche is tough than TechBlog. Tech arena is rapidly growing and we are able to see daily new tech updates so we can update regulary but for IM niche it being tough because we don’t have much to write we have to research and have to write quality article too.

    I highly recommend to all newbie bloggers don’t depends on Alexa and PR. Yeah its important only for Advertisement and nothing else. So focus on Quality and if you want to write quality article then it required time so it would’nt be possible to update daily.

    ***Write for Readers Not For Search Enginee or Alexa/PR.***

    Mohshin already mentioned all points apart from this if you want more tips then alwasy welcome, Send me Friend Request or Msg on facebook(Which Mohsin mentioned on the end of article). I will try to help you to get good Alexa too ;).

    Don’t Try to do any Black Hat Method to achive quick success. History says Success needs time.
    Do it right so that you reap the rewards.
    Thanks. Have a Nice Day.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Amit thanks for visiting and giving the precious information to my blog readers. I totally agree with you that we have to focus on writing quality content not on Alexa Rank and Pagerank etc but you know its human nature that we want quick success rather than working hard.

  8. Shahid says:

    Feeling proud to call Amit as Alexa Guru……….:) He is really.

  9. Hope the steps will really help…

  10. Hammad Baig says:

    Awesome tips I really like this

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Thanks Hammad for you comment. Do apply these tips and let me know if it works for you or not.

  11. John Ernest says:

    I actually could not see how posting at 11:59pm can help you gain a lot more traffic. But, I do think it would be great if you have subscribers or regular visitors who are from other time zones. That way they will be able to be the first to read your blog and eventually be the first to comment and everyone loves being the first commentator because it has the most potential to be a great backlink.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      John the other reason to post at mid night is that when you publish post it will also be published on Facebook and you know now a days posts can be quickly hide in the main stream. So your post can be seen by maximum people which means more traffic.

  12. saad naeem says:

    Great post Mohsin , traffic is not the main key when increasing your alexa i have a site with 1000 visitors and it has alexa of 1000,000 , and another site with 100 visitors a day and alexa is below 200k . its just weird how the algorithm works

  13. Salman Qamar says:

    I am new to blogging. But can u elaborate point 8 a little more?
    Is this 11:59 PM of Which country?

  14. Waleed Ahmad says:

    Mohsin Bhai , i am facing a big problem daily i got at 100 comments to approve , but i unapprove that comments because it number is increasing day by day how i will avoid this problem

  15. thnks fr these great tips…….btw nice post

  16. aditya dubey says:

    awesome post thanks for sharing

  17. Ramzi says:

    My blog is still new, so the value is still very high alexa
    tips you give will I use and hopefully can improve on my blog alexa ranking
    thank you

  18. Main Uddin says:

    Mohsin Ali Waheed @ You have missed one point here that Alexa gives preferences SERP of AOL .Why they they prefer AOL which I don’t know .Another CAUTION i think must utter here that those webmasters or bloggers use Google Adsense to monetize their contents they must avoid more traffic from Facebbok.Reason is know to all.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Main Uddin thanks for your your tip. As far as Facebook traffic is concern one should not totally depend on it. You are very right that Adsense enabled sites should be very careful about it.

  19. ankit says:

    thanks for the awesome tips..i will sure try the 8th one too

  20. Ronak says:

    This is just great. I have been writing for a while now and had installed an alexa toolbar, believe it or not i was always publishing articles around 11-11:30. Saw a good increase in web ranking and have now found some new tricks too…..!!!!!!

  21. Thanks for your great tips to increase the traffic and your valuable advice to tell others if no response there.

  22. Ahmed says:

    Going to try secret #8 to see it really works or not.

  23. Hi Mohsin
    Alexa -> The sexiest term among the bloggers(especially for noobs)
    The best way to attract new bloggers to any blog is writing about Alexa ;) I know Alexa rank is a foolish thing to measure any blog success, but it’s vital for ads.
    It’s a good measurement to track the competitors traffic, keywords etc. Thought it’s not so accurate, it can help to track them.
    Great post brother :) Keep helping your readers(count me in!).

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Thanks Rahul for Visiting,

      Some months ago i was in favor of Alexa Ranking and when ever some one target it i wonder why they are against it but now i personally experience this on my blogs and also confirmed by Syed balkhi of

      My blogs with less traffic have lower Alexa rank while blogs with higher traffic have high Alexa rank. So you are right that Alexa ranking are totally rubbish.

  24. Thanks for your great tips to increase the traffic.

  25. I just applied some of above points on my website.. lets see what will happen.. 11:59 is still confusing point for me

  26. Hi, very nice information about alexa rank. Thanks for this. My alexa rank is in range of 57 lack but I will try to make it good. Thanks again.

  27. Mothi says:

    awesome post :) some things in this are used for my site : and i got great result within a week . My site aged only 20 days and now it is in Alexa Traffic Rank: 637,590 Traffic Rank in IN: 28,245. :D

  28. mybazaar says:

    great post alot of users come my site but mysite alexa go up daily

  29. Arslanh says:

    i gained a better alexa ranking in one week from 4000000 to 3000000 just by guest posting on a few blogs :) (my blog is 2 months old)

  30. Thanks for your information. Now, I will work hard to make my website rank increasing significantly, especially alexa rank. Maybe you can give me an advice for my website at

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    wow superb ranking unbelievable.

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