Blogging is not all about writing content, content and content. Although Great content will surly help you alot but still you need to do something else like On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and DoFollow Forums list etc in order to be good in the eyes of search engines. On page search engine optimization is not that difficult at all now a days specially when it comes to WordPress with some many free and premium plugins which help you optimize your site in minutes. The real thing is Off page search engine optimization and main part of it is backlinks.

dofollow forum list
Now Backlinks are off two types, Nofollow and Dofollow. Both have there own importance but Dofollow backlinks are one which you should look for specially from highly reputable sites and most importantly from the same niche of your blog. Now you may thinking why would some one link back to you as there are millions of other blogs on internet. So the answer is you can also build your own links by joining the 500+ DoFollow Forums to Increase Backlinks. Its not that hard for you as the most of these forums are Free to join and ll you have to do is to signup, put your blog link in your signature and when ever you leave a comment in any post your blog link appear.

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