January 18, 2021

HTML to PDF Files Conversion is Possible Through GogoPDF

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HTML to PDF Files Conversion

HTML to PDF Files Conversion

Before we go to the procedure on how to convert HTML to PDF, learn first about the meaning of HTML. The abbreviation means HyperText Markup Language, and Tim Berners-Lee made it in the year 1990. World Wide Web is using HTML to produce documents and expose them.

Hyperlinks are pages that have a connection to the HTML document. Examples of a hyperlink connected to other files are an icon, graphic, text, and more. Using an HTML code version, it displays the web address you see on the internet, which guarantees the correct composition of images and text for your web browser.

HTML to PDF Converter that You Should Choose

You might find it hard to choose the right converter for you since when you search it on the internet, many of these can be found and what makes it worse is they are like each other since they also offer the same service that you’re seeing. A hassle-free and authentic online tool highly recommended among the users to convert HTML to PDF is GogoPDF.

You will follow the steps, and you will be shocked that it is so easy and convenient to use. It’s unnecessary to be skilled to do this job. Even if you handled it for the first time, you could easily do your job. And the best part of it, any device that can open a web browser can use this web anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. The steps on how to convert HTML to PDF are as follows.

  • Please copy the link of your HTML, paste it into the box below to convert.
  • It will autostart turning your HTML into a PDF file.
  • It will take minutes to complete the conversion, depending on the size of your file. Wait for it.
  • After the conversion finishes, a download button is shown; click it, and you will have your copy of the converted file. There is also a link provided so that if you wish to share it with the people who want to access your file, they will click it. You can also share your files with other social media platforms.

Why Choose GogoPDF?

The answer to why you should choose GogoPDF and ignore the other tools you might find during your search is that it offers excellent features. They have tight security, and your privacy will indeed be protected because they will delete your file from their server in an hour since they care about your file’s confidentiality. Read their Privacy Policy to learn more about it if you have doubts.

You can use this on any popular platform such as Mac, Linux, and also Windows. Thus, they care about the quality of your file that even after converting HTML to PDF, nothing will change at all. If you’re using a mobile device, a tablet, or a PC, it will only take a few clicks or tap away to do the process.

What is a PDF File?

PDF abbreviation means Portable Document Format. You should remember the name Dr. John Edward Warnock, the creator of PDF files, works at Adobe System Inc., as one of their developers. He is an entrepreneur and computer scientist. The first name of it was the Camelot Project and launched in 1999. They changed it to PDF a year after it was developed.

The thing that makes a PDF an excellent file is you can open this with various applications, share it with anyone easily, for viewing, and with the help of any machine, since it is compatible with any popular platforms, you can reproduce this file. Files that can be a PDf are photographs, documents, or even tables.

The difference between Free Trial and Premium Version

You will never think of the cost for conversion using the free trial, but there are advantages when you subscribe to the Premium Version of GogoPDF. If you want to avail the Premium version of GogoPDF, the benefits you will receive are while doing the conversion or other job, and there will be no ads, you can do a lot of tasks rather than the Free Trial.

No matter how big the file size of your file will have no problem using Premium Version.

How much would it cost to avail of a Premium Version of GogoPDF? You have two options, which are the annual and yearly subscriptions. The monthly subscriptions will cost you 14.99 USD, and the Premium cost 99.99 USD a year.

Other Tools that GogoPDF can Offer

You know now how to convert HTML to PDF, but there are other files that this webpage can convert. If you have many document files on a word, you can convert it to a PDF file to make it easy for you to view any device. This also applies to Excel, PNG, JPG, and more. You can also convert it back to its original file with the help of the GogoPDF conversion tool.

If you have converted a lot of files to PDF and you forgot to put a page number on it, you can edit your PDF and put the page number on it, and you can also decide what position you want to put it. If your file has a large size and you find it hard to upload to for email, GogoPDF also has a compressor tool that allows you to compress your PDF. you can also save space on your storage devices using this tool.


With the use of technology, our way of living has been more convenient, and it is continuing to develop from time to time. If you’re having a problem with converting HTML to PDF or other documents, school projects, or other tasks you want to do, GogoPDF provides you the easiest, safest, and fastest way. It is recommended by many people who are engaged in this field, and you can use this anywhere, anytime, even if you are in a rush for the deadline.

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