January 18, 2021

Understanding Online Affiliate Software And How To Make The Most Of It

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Affiliate Software

Affiliate Software

Affiliate software is a computer-based solution for managing transactions and reporting more efficiently. This is a device to facilitate sales and registrations on websites and the goal is to optimize online sales through tracking.

How It Works?

The software offers the user various forms of remuneration, depending on the requirements of the latter. This can be displays, clicks, filled out forms, etc. Every time a user clicks on a banner or buys online, the software records the action so that the company can generate the appropriate commission. This kind of tool also offers features such as creation of various reports, like the turnover. The majority of tasks performed by the company are automated by the software to improve the management of leads, accounts and campaigns. This can be done through intuitive interfaces and unlimited access to actions established via the Internet.

What Are The Main Features Of A SAAS Affiliate Software?

Selling on the internet requires a foolproof marketing strategy to ensure product visibility. Thanks to affiliate software, the user will have a tool automating various features. The following are the most common:

The Management Of Advertisers

With this kind of software, the company is able to easily manage its advertisers from a single interface. The software offers a multi-account management.


Using affiliate software centralizes the payment of commissions. This feature allows companies to generate commission for each advertiser in one click. Advertisers can view the details of each action taken on the site corresponding to the commission received and immediately download the invoice.

Advertising Campaigns

The software allows tracking the performance of Internet users through clicks on banners, open links and all actions on the affiliate site. It then prepares reports that will help management make the best decision to optimize their campaign.

Who Uses Online Affiliate Software?

Using an affiliate program platform is particularly interesting for companies that are looking for a tool that can help them find potential customers. This is a solution to improve their visibility and their affiliate program. These programs are designed to optimize the cost per click (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns of a company, regardless of the sector of activity. In other words, the software is aimed at all organizations wishing to manage their affiliated publishers.

Why Use An Affiliate Software In A Company?


  • It boosts sales
  • It increases the loyalty of affiliates, which considerably increases the number of potential customers
  • It allows adapting to a better affiliate program
  • It automatically creates different reports


  • No free version available

How To Choose An Online Affiliate Software?

To choose the right software and sell the most products, it is necessary to take into account these criteria:

Affiliation Objectives: Before choosing the software, it is essential to know the level of affiliation to be implemented. The needs of a small network will never match those of a larger network. It is therefore necessary to choose a tool capable of meeting the expectations of the company.

Conversion Goals: To reach the percentage of users that the structure has set, it is necessary that the software has appropriate features. For this, it is essential that the user determines in advance the objectives to be achieved and the means to achieve it in order to find the corresponding software.

The Cost Of The Software: With online marketing, success in promoting products online can be done with a free software or a less expensive one as well. However, professional tools provide a better service.

Online advertising has become one of the most effective ways to promote a product or service. Internet advertising is an essential solution to increase its market.

Factors To Consider

Affiliation is one of the essential ways to monetize your work as an influencer however there are a few factors to consider before venturing in.

Financial Aspect

This is critical because all affiliation campaigns are not worth it. How do you know when you need to invest time, money, and energy in the valuation of a campaign if you do not have the information to make an informed decision?

This is why the conditions are very important to know. Whether it’s the type of payment, the lifetime of the cookies, the distribution media available or strategic information on the content, all this data must be within your reach to maximize your return on investment.

The Team And The Support

We sometimes tend to forget about it, but behind the interface and the tracking, there are people who are present to accompany the customers and the publishers. Quality of service, customer experience, technical expertise and support responsiveness are important aspects to compare when choosing an affiliate platform.

The Key To Success?

Build on a multidisciplinary team that can share knowledge and advance your promotional and editorial approach. To do this, a good campaign must be equipped with appropriate promotional and creative tools. An affiliate platform should be a partner that can create value by accompanying you and advising you.

Broadcasting advertising is a meaningful decision because you engage your image and reputation through third-party brand marketing campaigns. That’s why it is important to build a good collaboration with a trusted platform in order to ensure success.

To recap, In order to manage the campaigns perfectly, it is essential to choose your affiliate platform. This is the tool that will serve you to create your campaigns or those of your customers, manage affiliates (selection, compensation …), make available to them the promotional elements (banner, mailing kit …), and of course, track all the transformations in order to remunerate the affiliates accordingly.

But before you make your choice, make sure that these features are offered by the platform you are going to select:

  • A dashboard and reports to effectively track campaign performance.
  • A clear interface for affiliates to easily find line items and track their results.
  • In order to satisfy a maximum number of affiliates, the platform must offer several compensation systems (lead, of course, but also CPM or CPC).
  • Likewise, it must integrate a billing system in order to easily pay the different affiliates.
  • And if you are an agency, check the number of programs you can create. Some platforms may seem advantageous from a tariff point of view for a program but much less when several are managed.

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