January 18, 2021

Everything you should know about the Camera with Analytics

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Since cameras are becoming more important and less expensive, video monitoring is now a viable solutions for cities, home and business. CCTV making companies are becoming more advanced and are offering best security systems. One such advancement is the video analytics. When you opt to buy and install CCTV system, you will find video analytics attached to it. Video camera with analytics software is created to assist in reviewing growing hours of surveillance video that a security guard or system manager find hard to watch. This is when video surveillance system come to the role where incidents are captured and analytics can help in finding them.

With the use of video camera analytics, the surveillance system is more efficient. It brings down the extra work of security staff and gives full value of security video by making your IP camera system.

How does the video analytics work?

There are different forms of video analytics for security cameras. These forms can be installed on your camera, on your NVR, or as 3rd party software you buy. The best thing is each version will perform the same task. The analytics solution will work bit differently depending on the manufacturer and application. They work in similar way, but when setting up the software you also setup the parameters to the activity the software is looking for, set up the alert notification system.

For instance, many businesses use CCTV to detect motion for hours. You can also set the system to motion detection during the hours your business is closed. Once the system detects anything, it will send you an email.

How can the analytics help the user-?

The traditional of video surveillance is where security guard sitting in a booth watching the security camera feed live. This allows the guard to catch the culprit without wasting anytime. However, there are chances that the guard may miss out the feed and have different level of focus. With video analytics, the system uses software to monitor your video feeding round the clock. This alerts the user with activity so you can watch the camera when anything happens.

Video analytics usually use for-

  • Motion detection
  • Facial recognition & license plate reading
  • People counting & dwell time monitoring for retail stores
  • Recognizing long lines at checkout and sending alerts
  • Contact our video surveillance experts today to get personalized recommendations for your needs

Cameras with analytics come with range of features and helping the user to fit the system easily. Also choose the software supporting every system – smallest to large multi-campus systems.

Benefits of Video analytics-

Using this embedded intelligence software will not only save your money, but also makes the installation faster. There is no heavy bandwidth required to store the video. This system has the ability to detect, recognize, and analyze license plates and other business intelligence data.

Along with this, camera with analytics can help in improving the efficiency. For instance, it permits to organize access premises using face recognition. This is done with the help of Internet of Things (IoT). It can switch on the alarm and inform the police if there is any criminal activity take up.


Camera with analytics is now the most important investment for business purpose. This system also promotes the use of new age of technology to bring down the crime rate and have the best security.

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